For the 2023-2024 Academic year, students taking 7 credits or more are assessd a $135.10 ASMSU Fee each semester per Student Accounts at University Business Services.

The ASMSU Fee includes: ASMSU activity fee, bus fee, intramural fee, student organization fee, sustainability fee, student press fee, outdoor rec fee, student recreational facility fee, and student leadership fee.

ASMSU Fee Breakdown
Program Allocation

Amount paid each semester per student

Bus Fee




Sustainability Fee


Student Organization


Student Leadership


Student Press Fee


Outdoor Rec Fee


Rec Facility – Debt


Rec Facility O&M

ASMSU Activity Fee


 Total Semesterly Fee (2023-2024)



The Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) Fees are mandatory fees charged to students registered for seven (7) credits or more. Payment of the ASMSU Fees entitles the student to participation in ASMSU student government and use of gym, swimming, weight room facilities, day care facilities, legal aid, tutoring, and other sponsored activities. ASMSU Fees are set by student vote and consist of the following fees:

This fee providesfor the operation of the student government and its committees. They also support our sponsored programs: KGLT Radio, ASMSU Preschool, Off-Campus Student Life, and ASMSU Legal Services.


KGLT Radio


ASMSU Preschool


Off-Campus Student Life


ASMSU Legal Services




These fees also support our Student-Led programs including: ASMSU Marketing, ASMSU Events, ASMSU Involvement, and ASMSU Arts.

ASMSU Involvement




See below for a clear breakdown of this specific fee.


Totals Revenue Projections FY24



ASMSU Preschool


Off-Campus Student Life




Legal Services


Civic Engagement









Contributes to the operational cost of the intramural facilities and programs.

Funding for the student newspaper, The Exponent.

Helps fund the local bus system, Streamline, for students.

Funds the maintenance/upkeep of a synthetic turf field and supporting infrastructure.

Funds for the operations/maintenance after construction.