The Montana’s Own Scholarship Program seeks to improve the futures of Montana resident students who are close to the graduation finish line and could benefit from scholarship, academic, and career development supports. In addition to providing these opportunities for learning, engagement, and development, the goal of the Program is to help students develop a professional network that will lead to meaningful and purposeful careers.

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The Montana’s Own Program will help you create social and professional networks that will advantage you long after you graduate.
Scholars have the opportunity to attend career-development workshops created exclusively for them.

The Montana’s Own Program was developed through a generous grant donation and is intended to support students who:

  • are Montana resident students who have earned 60 or more credits
  • graduated from a Montana high school
  • maintain fulltime status (12+ credits) throughout their final semesters

  • have and maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA throughout their final semesters

Additionally, preference will be given to students who:

  • are Federal Pell Grant eligible
  • are First-to-College (parent/guardian have less than four-year degree)


The Montana’s Own Scholarship Program will provide up to two years of scholarship for students to engage in their required curriculum along with exceptional activities and experiences. Montana’s Own scholars will receive $500 per month each semester for a total of $2000 per semester. In addition to the scholarship, Montana’s Own scholars will receive important mentoring, tutoring, and networking opportunities as well as career, financial, and leadership education.

This combination of scholarship and support will ensure Montana’s Own graduates become the problem solvers and leaders of tomorrow!

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