Spring 2022

Interests and Values: Working Together to Guide Meaning and Purpose

We take and gain understanding of the Strong Interest Inventory and how we can use it in planning our career path. We also take the Schwartz's Values Assessment and discuss strengths, talents, and skills to gain greater understanding of how they all work together to guide our career path.

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Career Readiness Competencies & Prototyping Your Career

Using the eight NACE Competences for a Career-Ready Workforce, we look at what we are already doing to develop them and brainstorm what else we can do so, by graduation, we are familiar with and competent in most or all the areas. We also discuss the various ways to “prototype” your career, including internships, mentoring, job shadowing, and many others.

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Flow: What Is It and How to Find It... and Keep It

We discuss the concept of Flow and how understanding it and knowing how to be in it can lead to greater meaning and purpose in life and in our career. We also discuss how tools and techniques can help us achieve and keep Flow.

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