Camp Leadership is responsible for ensuring a safe, fun, and rewarding summer camp experience for the youth of our community.  They oversee all curriculum, risk management, staffing, budgeting and all camp operations.

anna lee

Anna Lee (Juniper)

Executive Camp Director



Ethan Town

Ethan Town (Firefly)

Camp Director


Josie Gentry (Clover)

Camp Director

Spencer Sorensen

Spencer Sorensen (Grizzlegoat)

Campus Recreation Director

2024 Camp Counselors

Counselors are responsible for implementing the camp curriculum, and mentoring, coaching and providing a safe environment for all campers. They are the day-to-day fun people!


Kara A. (Monkey)

Lead Counselor


Hometown: Livingston, Montana

Major: Statistics and Psychology

What are you most excited for camp? I love seeing the kids' faces light up when they try something new! I'm looking forward to helping them learn more about how amazing being outside can be!




Emily F. (S'more)

Lead Counselor


Hometown: Mill Creek, Washington

Major: Business Marketing

What are you most excited for camp? I am excited to share a great summer with all the campers! I am looking forward to all the games, crafts, and fun times in the sun that this summer will bring!


Gabby W. (Bearclaw)

Lead Counselor


Hometown: Missoula, MT

Major: Human Devlpment and Family Science with Minor in Personal and Consumer Family Finance

What are you most excited for camp? I'm excited to be back for another year as a lead counselor and to be working with other age groups. Also I'm just excited to be able to play and have fun with all the kids outside this summer!


Shelby S. (Dragonfly)

Lead Counselor


Hometown: Prescott, Wisconsin

Major: Political Science (minor of Native American studies)

What are you most excited for camp? I’m really excited to get to know other MSU students working and get to know the BYSC kids and families! I’m also looking forward to creating a fun camp curriculum to make this summer the best one yet. This summer is going to be so much fun and I’m looking forward to it so much!


Xel-Ha M. (Honey Bee)



Hometown: Long Beach, California

Major: Criminology/Sociology with a minor in Human Development and Family Science

What are you most excited for camp? I’m so excited to be in a very up lifting environment and make new friends!


Ryan L. (Hollywood)



Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Business Accounting

What are you most excited for camp? I’m excited to be outside for the summer and be involved with the campers in the activities. We’re excited to provide a fun environment for everyone!



Ella H. (Goose)



Hometown: Minneapolis, MN but I live in East Lansing, MI

Major: Microbiology: Environmental Health and a minor in entomology

What are you most excited for camp? I am so excited to spend the summer playing games and having fun outside. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. It's going to be an amazing summer!!



Kaitlin F. (Daisy)



Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Major: Agricultural Education

What are you most excited for camp? I am most excited to be able to spend my summer being active and outdoors while helping camp kiddos have the best time possible.



Jake J. (Rooster)



Hometown: Highlands Ranch

Major: Kinesiology

What are you most excited for camp? Playing sports with the kids and laughing with them. Having a great time!



Ava B. (Ladybird)



Hometown: Billings, MT

Major: Graphic Design

What are you most excited for camp? I’m so excited to get to know the kids and spend my summer outside! I can’t wait to do some arts and crafts!