The Montana Student's Guide to Montana State University: MSU IS YOU

The Montana recruitment piece allows students from the state to share their unique experiences and why Montana State was their first choice of university.

Targeted towards juniors and sophomores in high school, the Montana recruitment piece is aimed at increasing enrollment for Montana students. The main deliverable or “piece” is a publication focusing on a select group of students located across the state from the most populated cities to smaller rural communities. In addition, the publication focuses on representing the diverse range of fields the university has to offer and each’s student viewpoint of their respective majors. 


A spread of the Montana Recruitment piece with a spread featuring Tommy Mellott

Montana Recruitment piece digital graphic featuring Kaitlyn, a Class of 2021 student from Central Montana

To visually compliment the more casual and friendly tone of the publication, draft natural hires was chosen as a display font for its hand crafted and rugged texture. In addition, the paint splatter texture used to compliment the font and add a more dynamic look to each page.

To view current students featured in the Montana Recruitment piece online, visit