CPS offers a variety of services to meet the mental health needs of MSU students. We provide group counseling, couples counseling, and short-term individual counseling. In addition to counseling services, we also offer educational workshops and trainings for students, staff, and faculty. Our staff is also available to provide consultation services to members of the MSU community on issues and topics related to mental health. To learn more about each of the services offered by CPS please visit Our Services page.

You will have an initial appointment with one of our providers to determine what, if any, services are appropriate for you. This will include taking some background information in addition to hearing your current concerns. Your intake counselor will discuss your options for counseling, which might include group counseling, individual counseling on a weekly or every-other-week basis, or a referral to an off-campus provider. Due to high demand for services, CPS utilizes a short-term counseling model. Most students find their concerns are resolved in 3-5 sessions, while some are seen for up to 8 sessions. Such decisions are based upon the unique needs of each student and the available resources at the time. In the event that a student may need a level of care beyond what CPS can provide, we will assist with a referral to other campus or community resources. Just like a family doctor may refer a patient to a specialist when necessary, CPS may refer students to other resources when we cannot provide the services necessary to best help a student.
Call us at (406) 994-4531 or stop by our office in 211 Swingle Hall to make a counseling appointment! 
Be prepared with your student ID and times you are available to meet.

If you have never used our services before, we will set up an intake appointment with a counselor to determine which services will be most helpful meeting your needs! Intake appointments can be made by calling our office or through online scheduling

If you are returning for services, you should let the front desk staff know this when you are scheduling services. They will find your previous information so that it is available to the counselor when you return. Let us know what services you're interested in and have your availability ready to give to us! Our assignment team will contact you shortly after to let you know of your scheduled times!

Your appointment time is held for you on a weekly or every other week basis. If you need to cancel or change your appointment, we ask that you call and give us at least 24 hours’ notice so we can use those times to see other students. If you are unable to provide 24 hours' notice, please still contact us at 406-994-4531 to cancel and to schedule your next ongoing appointment. 

CPS operates on a short-term counseling model. However, we recognize that students have differing needs and CPS tries to tailor treatment to the unique needs of each student. For those students who desire longer term continuous treatment throughout their time at MSU, CPS can help facilitate a referral to a community provider. Additionally, CPS offers unlimited group therapy sessions and many students report that group is extremely helpful in addressing common concerns including depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Please feel free to discuss treatment options with your intake counselor or your ongoing counselor to determine what might best meet your individual needs. 

If you are in crisis or distress, please call:

University Police


Bozeman Help Center


Suicide & Crisis Lifeline


Crisis Text Line


If you simply need to leave a message about an upcoming appointment, you can leave a voice mail by calling our main number at 406-994-4531.

You can explore self-help options.

If you are in crisis or distress and need to speak with someone before you are assigned to your ongoing counselor, call our office at 406-994-4531 or utilize after-hours services above.  

CPS does not provide documentation or support to acquire Emotional Support Animals. To obtain a community referral to providers who may be able to assist you, please call our office at 406-994-4531 to speak with our Care Manager. If you are a current CPS client, you can speak with your current counselor to obtain community referrals. You can also contact the Office of Disability Services to review the necessary documentation requirements.

CPS provides counseling to about 10% of the student population annually. Many students discuss concerns related to anxiety, depression, relationships, family, past trauma, adjusting to college, acculturation, suicidal thoughts, sexuality, eating issues, substance use, or aspects of their identity. Virtually any issue that you would like to explore and behaviors that you would like to change are appropriate for counseling. Coming to counseling does not mean that you are “crazy,” weak, ineffective or sick, but rather that you are choosing to explore a problem and optimize your functioning. At CPS, we see students of all ages, academic departments, student organizations, and demographic groups.