Make a study schedule

Make a Study Schedule (and stick to it!).  I’s easy to tell yourself “I got this, I can study for chem later today…” Don’t fool yourself! It’s easy to simply keep putting things off.

  • Organize your class requirements for finals—when are your papers due? Is the chem final scheduled for a specific day and time? Or can you take it up to a certain date?
  • Make a schedule around when things are due and schedule when you are going to study and prep for each one.
  • Start now! Don’t wait until the day before to focus on each final. Begin work for each class now to avoid cramming or all-nighters.

Eliminate distractions 

Eliminate Distractions. Find a place to study that works best for you free from external distractions. 

  • As best you can, try to create a distraction free environment in which to study. It can be helpful to also identify the times and spaces that help you with focus and concentration.
  • Minimize distractions from electronic notifcations from phones, apps, etc.
  • Negotiate with roommate and/or family for time and space to study.

Study with friends

Study with friends! Schedule study sessions with friends to keep you motivated, practice explaining things to others, and to increase connection. Just be sure to stay focused on the materials and don't get side-tracked.

Practice self-care

Most importantly, take time to take care of yourself! Self-care is even more important to make time for during the stress of finals.

  • Remember to schedule in breaks.
  • Reward yourself after an hour or two of studying with a short break: a walk outside, a snack, or one (ONE!) episode on Netflix.
  • Eat healthy foods—have a supply of healthy snacks on hand to keep you well nourished and energized throughout the day.
  • Get enough sleep—avoid the pull to stay up really late studying or to do an all-nighter. To remain productive and healthy it is important to get enough sleep.
  • Continue with your exercise routine! You may feel like you don’t have enough time or that you “should” be studying. However, taking 30 minutes to an hour to exercise will leave you feeling less anxious and better able to focus on the next task at hand.