Get organized

Organize your finals schedule, study times, etc. Plan ahead so that you know well in advance where you need to be and when. Also, try to make your travel plans for break so that you don't have to worry about that during finals week.

Do what works for you

Everyone has their own method of studying. Do whatever works best for you in studying and scheduling. Now is not the time to implement a revolutionary new study method or time-management strategy. It is important to be organized and planful, but use the system that will work best for you during finals.

Keep your routine

Because of scheduling differences, finals week can really mess upyour normal routine. Try to keep some

semblance of normalcy; keep the same eating/sleep schedules, stick to your workout routine, etc.

Practice self-care

Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, exercise, etc. A healthy diet will helpyour energize your body, and exercise is a great stress reliever. Avoid drugs and alcohol during finals week. Taking care of your body will helpyour mind stay focused .


Learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, visualization, meditation, etc. Keeping yourself relaxed and your anxiety low is a good way to stay sharp.

Stay calm

Try not to make "final exams" seem like a huge, stressful experience. They are stressful enough without inducing panic by thinking of final grades, all-nighters, stressful commiseration with friends, etc.

Give yourself time

While it is important to maximize your time for studying and prepara­ tion, it is also important to give yourself some free time. Taking time to watch a movie, have coffee with friends, or workout will likely be beneficial for you as it will help restore some sanity or relaxation in this stressful time.