Analytical Capability

Lachat Quickchem Autoanalyzer

Automated colorimetric analysis of aqueous samples.  Water samples and soil extracts can be analyzed for nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphate, and urea.

Shimadzu TOC/TIC and TN Analyzer

Total carbon, total inorganic carbon, dissolved organic carbon and total nitrogen in water samples.

Costech Elemental Analyzer

Total carbon and total nitrogen in solid samples (soil, biological).

SEAL Autoanalyzer

Automated colorimetric analaysis of low level (ppb) analytes in water samples including nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, and ammonium.

Spectro Blue ICP-OES

Trace level concentrations of 80% of elements including alkali, basic, and transition metals, semi-metals, and non-metals.

Malvern Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

Particle size analysis using laser diffraction.  A small amount of sample (~0.25g) can be analyzed quickly (5-10 minutes per sample).

Dionex Ion Chromatograph

Separation and detection of major anions including nitrate, chloride, fluoride, bromide, and sulfate in aqueous samples.

Los Gatos Research (LGR) Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer

Isotopic composition (d18O and  d2H) of water samples.


CEM Corp MARS 6 Microwave Digester


Complete digestion of soil, rock, and plants for total elemental analysis with the Spectro ICP-OES

Millipore Water Purification System

Provides ultra pure (18 MW) water on demand.

Analytical Balances

Used to measure masses from 0.0005g to 25kg.

Undercounter Flask Washer

Dishwasher used to wash lab glassware and plasticware.

Muffle Furnace

Used to ash glassware to remove contaminants at 550°C.

Sorvall Benchtop Centrifuge

Accommodates 6x60 mL centrifuge bottles or 6x50mL falcon tubes, spins at speeds up to 10,000rpm, and can maintain sample temperature between -19°C and 40°C.

SCP Science DigiPREP Block Digester

Acid digestion of solid samples in an open vessel environment for metals analysis for ICP-OES and organic matter digestion prior to particle size analysis

SCP Science DigiFILTER Filtration System

Vacuum filtration manifold used to filter particulates from digested samples