The EAL faculty includes a lab director, lab manager/analyst, and an advisory board.

A photo of lab manager Toby Koffman

Dr.Toby Koffman

EAL Analytical Chemist/ Lab Manager


Dr. Stephanie Ewing

EAL Director
Soil Biogeochemistry


Dr. Jack Brookshire

EAL Advisor
Ecosystem Ecology and Biogeochemistry


Dr. Clain Jones

EAL Advisor
Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management


Dr. Robert Payn

EAL Advisor
Watershed Hydrology


Dr. Catherine Zabinski

EAL Advisor
Restoration Ecology



 Faculty, students, and staff from research groups in various departments at MSU utilize resources available in the EAL. 

Faculty Affiliates:

Dr. Wyatt Cross, Ecology
Dr. Jean Dixon, Earth Sciences
Dr. Rick Engel, LRES
Dr. Anthony Hartshorn, LRES
Dr. Bruce Maxwell, LRES
Dr. Perry Miller, LRES
Dr. Mark Skidmore, Earth Sciences

Key Faculty Affiliates:

Dr. William Inskeep, LRES
Dr. Tracy Sterling, LRES (Department Head)

Current Graduate Student Research Assistants (2019-2020)


Technical Affiliates:

Terry Rick (LRES, Jones group)
Rosie Wallender (LRES, Engel group)

Past Graduate Student Research Assistants:

Bryce Currey
Aaron Klingborg
Christine Miller
Erica Sturn
Ethan Wologo
Justin Gay
Sasha Loewen