How to wash glassware for use on Lachat.


  1. Clean glassware as soon as possible after use. Empty current contents. Make sure to remove all traces of parafilm.

  2. Rinse 1x with D.I. water from tap.

  3. Soak tube in D.I. bath for 20 minutes.

  4. Rinse 1x with D.I. water from tap.

  5. Transfer glassware to 2% HCl acid bath. Wear dishwashing (orange nitrile) gloves when working with acid bath. NO single use gloves. Make sure that interior surface of glassware is fully submerge in acid (no air bubbles).

  6. Soak tubes in acid bath for 6 hours or longer.

  7. Drain and directly transfer tubes from acid bath to D.I. bath. Drain as much acid back into bath as possible. Take care not to drip or splash acid outside of bath

  8. Rinse 3x with D.I. water from tap.

  9. Allow glassware to drain dry.

  10. Transfer glassware to storage drawer below Lachat.