The FlaskScrubber can be used to clean glassware and plastic bottles.

 It is best if you do not let any samples dry onto the glass/plasticware.


  1. Place items in dishwasher. Holders are kept in cupboard to the right of the washer if they are not in the washer. Ask if you do not know how to load the washer with your items.

  2. Add detergent, in cupboard to right of washer, to the cups in door. A very small amount (teaspoon) is likely all that is needed.

  3. Choose cycle appropriate for items to be washed.

     a. Glass
    b. Plastic
    c. Rinse

  4. If a D.I. rinse is desired:

     a. Fill carboy on shelf above dishwasher with D.I. tapwater. 
     b. Connect tubing to D.I. spigot, turn on spigot,
    fill to 18 L mark.
    c. OPEN tap on D.I. carboy
    d. Verify that "pure" is selected on washer.

  5. Close/lock door and push Start/Cancel button.

  6. When cycle is finished
     a. Close tap on D.I. carboy.
     b. Remove items from washer.
    c. Close but do not latch door.



User Manual