The EAL muffle furnace is dedicated for cleaning glassware. Please contact us if you'd like to use it for another purpose. 


  • Pull knob and turn to changetemperature setting.

  • Turn on power, breaker switch on lower right front.

  • Plan on approximately 1 hour to reach 550 °C.

  • Check temperature periodically. If the needle pegs at the maximum temperature the furnace will shut off. Gently tap the face of the temperature gauge. The needle should drop back to the correct temperature. If the needle does not respond, turn the power off and then back on to reengage the heating process.

  • Record you name/information on the furnace sign-up sheet. Glassware

  • Glassware should be rinsed with Milli-Q water, drained, and capped with foil.

  • Bake at 550 °C for two hours.

  • Allow oven to cool overnight.

  • Open door half-way (bottom drops) and continue cooling.