• AgEconMT:  AgEconMT is a resource for timely, relevant and objective research and information in the agricultural and natural resources fields that will enable agricultural producers in the Northern Great Plains to better understand the economic issues that affect their businesses and communities.
  • MSU Extension Economics: Situated under DAEE and MSU Extension, MSU Extension Economics aims to share information and resources that can encourage, improve and strengthen Montana's families and communities. Here you'll find information on farm management, farm policy, family economics, the Solid Finances Webinar series, and more.
  • MSU Initiative for Regulation and Applied Economic Analysis:  The IRAEA mission is to engage undergraduate and graduate students with faculty in academic research that will further the understanding of economic regulation and policy impact on societal well-being.
  • Agricultural Marketing Policy Center (AMPC):  The AMPC provides applied research and education, including Extension education, on agricultural marketing and related policy issues. The center's goal is to better inform farm and ranch managers, and public decision- and policy-makers in rural communities, local and state agencies and congressional delegations in Montana and the Northern Plains and Rockies Region.
  • Montana Council of Economic Education (MCEE):  The Montana Council of Economic Education provides the youth of Montana the opportunity to understand essential economic systems. The MCEE is a 501(c)(3) education foundation with a primary emphasis on teacher education. MCEE was founded four decades ago by a group of business leaders concerned with improving the economic literacy of Montana citizens.
  • External Advisory Board (EAB):

    The purpose of the EAB is to improve the quality of the department’s programs by facilitating engagement between faculty, students, industry and communities through enhancements in curriculum, courses, faculty composition, outreach, scholarship, and infrastructure.