Application for TEP Admission is due September 15th for Spring Methods or February 15th for Summer and Fall Methods. (If the 15th falls on a weekend, application is due the Friday before or Monday after the weekend.) Failure to complete the Teacher Education Program Admission paperwork in accordance with the above deadlines may delay progress through methods, practicum, and student teaching.

Step 1: Review MSU's Expectations for Professional Competencies and Dispositions

As a future educator, you are expected to do more than simply complete your coursework. Please read through the Department of Education's Professional Competencies & Dispositions document. All applicants to the Teacher Education Program must attest that they understand and agree to meet the expectations outlined therein.

Step 2: Complete the Application for Admission to TEP

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Calculating your GPAs

The Department of Education requires students to earn a minimum 2.75 GPA overall and in any teaching major, teaching minor, or option. Additionally, students must earn a minimum 2.75 GPA in their content coursework for any licensable area (teaching major or teaching minor). You can determine your GPAs as follows:

Your overall GPA for MSU coursework is available at the top of your DegreeWorks record.

Major and minor GPAs, as well as content GPAs for majors and minors must be calculated manually. Determine the catalog year for each licensable area (listed on the right of each section header in DegreeWorks) and then download the appropriate major or minor GPA calculator from will be prompted to upload completed calculators upon submitting your application. Your application cannot be processed until you have submitted your completed GPA calculators.

Teaching option GPAs (for Special Education and Elementary Ed options only) must be calculated manually. Use the all-purpose GPA calculator available at

Overall GPA
List your 1st teaching major
Major GPA for 1st teaching major
Content GPA for your 1st teaching major
List your 2nd teaching major, if applicable
Major GPA for 2nd teaching major
Content GPA for 2nd teaching major
List your 1st teaching minor, if applicable
Minor GPA for 1st teaching minor
Content GPA for 1st teaching minor
List your 2nd teaching minor, if applicable
Minor GPA for 2nd teaching minor
Content GPA for 2nd teaching minor
List your 1st teaching option, if applicable
Option GPA for your teaching option
Students should have completed a background check during their freshman year. Any changes must be disclosed to the Field Placement & Licensure Office.
Describe any disciplinary history here.

When your application is complete, click the Continue to Upload button below. You will be redirected to a page where you can upload your completed GPA calculator(s). Your application is not complete and cannot be processed until you upload your GPA calculators. 

Please upload only .xlsx or .xls files. We cannot process .numbers files.

Professional Requirements

All prospective teachers are required to take courses in certain areas of professional education. A grade of "C" or better is required in all courses required for any teaching major, minor, or option (a "C-" is not acceptable). In addition, all prospective teachers must maintain a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA, a minimum 2.75 GPA in every teaching major, teaching minor, and/or teaching option,anda minimum 2.75 GPA in the content coursework for every licensable area (teaching major or teaching minor). (See the MSU course catalog for entrance requirements.) 


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