Major and Minor GPA Calculators

The spreadsheets in this section can be used to calculate program GPAs and content area GPAs for any teaching major or minor offered at MSU. Be sure to select the calculator that matches your catalog year (shown in the major/minor heading in DegreeWorks). Then enter the number of credits and letter grade for each course (or approved substitute course) you've completed.

To complete the calculator correctly:

  • Omit the "T" from any transfer grades. 
  • Do not enter credits or grades for any courses in progress, courses not yet completed, or courses graded "P."
  • Watch out for the autofill feature, which can incorrectly add "+" or "-" to letter grades.

For assistance, please contact the Education Advising Center (Reid Hall 132, 406.994.1880, [email protected]).


All-Purpose GPA Calculator

Use this spreadsheet to calculate any GPA: major, minor, option, or overall. Just enter the number of credits earned at each grade. TEP applicants only need to use this calculator to calculate GPAs for the Special Education concentration or for the Elementary Education concentrations in Math, Science, or Early Childhood Education.