The MA in English Education (MAEE) is an online graduate program that focuses on pedagogical content knowledge within English Education and literacy. The online modality encourages candidates to engage in graduate studies while teaching in their classrooms; we recognize the busy lives of professionals and build schedules and a community that respects them. Candidates interested in a more traditional graduate experience, on the Bozeman campus, are welcome to attend select seminars in person.

MAEE coursework encourages exploration of the literacies and identities that adolescents and young adults bring to the English classroom; provides space to examine and create literacy curriculum; and troubles discourses that present a challenge to creating equitable and inclusive learning opportunities. We position teachers as public intellectuals who work in complex classroom ecologies; collectively, we examine how English/literacy teachers work in educational settings and incorporate opportunities to engage with critical teaching perspectives and interrogate place. 

Additionally, the Yellowstone Writing Project—which continues to attract master teachers from across Montana—is an encouraged component to further immerse MAEE students in their own writing and study of writing/writing communities.


Map of Montana


The MAEE supports graduate students who are interested in participating in a scholarly community committed to intensive professional development and improving the education of and life opportunities for middle and high school students.  MAEE students have the opportunity to explore general issues related to practices and policies within the academic field of English Education, take relevant courses within the English department (i.e., literary studies, rhetoric/composition, and linguistics), and potentially take courses outside of the English department (e.g., Native American Studies and Education), and develop and inquire into a particular area of interest related to their teaching contexts and responsibilities.