Through the Graduate School, the English Department offers two Masters of Arts (MA) graduate programs: an MA in English and an MA in English Education (MAEE).  Advanced English coursework is also available for teachers seeking graduate credits for dual enrollment licensure.

In both MA programs, students develop close mentoring relationships with faculty members and pursue research and writing on their chosen topic of inquiry.  Graduate courses stretch across the areas of English: writing, literacies, place, and the teaching and learning of literature.  The Graduate School strives to foster an environment that produces outstanding graduate scholars who contribute new ideas and knowledge using creative and innovative approaches to solve challenges in an evolving world.  In conjunction with the Department of English, the Graduate School enriches the graduate student experience by providing excellent service, timely oversight, and relentless advocacy for student success.


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Why English?

Students pursing graduate studies in English have a fascination or a passion about a specialized area of study within English language, literature, creative writing, critical theory, or cultural/textual studies.  Graduate-level work in English provides diverse opportunities for future employment as well as other graduate and professional programs.

The MA in English can prepare students to pursue PhD programs in literature or writing studies, as well as other degrees such as law, counseling, journalism, business sector, non-profit sector, or politics to name a few.  

The MA in English Education aligns well with secondary teachers seeking a “refueling” of English content, collegial community, and enhanced pedagogical/leadership skills. The MAEE is also a home for those interested in examining how English/literacy teachers work in educational settings. MAEE students often continue teaching at the secondary level and/or begin a path toward teaching in higher education.

Note: Most of the English graduate students have completed the equivalent of a baccalaureate degree in English.  Students with undergraduate degrees other than English are encouraged to apply; however, the student may be required to take additional English courses as a condition of acceptance.

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