The MA in English focuses on the broad theme of “Literary Landscapes.”  Courses emphasize how writing is generated from, intersects with, and creates landscapes.  A wide range of writing is covered from various countries of origin and time periods, always with a focus on the vital role of space.  Such inquiry considers the iconic terrain of the American West, the battlefields of Europe, and other settings both rural and urban. At the same time, a full understanding of landscape entails mapping narrative minds as the fascination that writers and readers have with places both familiar and alien is explored.

landscape with notebook

The MAE program cultivates a close mentoring relationship between students and faculty who have expertise in fields such as writing studies, the literature of the American West, British literature, and pedagogy.  Graduate students learn the rigorous skills of scholarship and critical discourse while also fully embracing the opportunities afforded by their network of English professors and fellow graduate students who help to advance their thinking.