Core Writing at MSU

Writing Courses and the new Core Learning Qualities & Outcomes

MSU recently implemented new Core qualities and outcomes for all Core courses to foster integrated learning experiences for students.  The Core qualities and outcomes emphasize communication, problem solving, and local and global citizenship.

Our Writing courses especially focus on Communication:

MSU Graduates are Effective Communicators

Graduates use written, spoken, and visual communication to create meaning, build relationships, foster understanding, and persuade. They express their ideas in manners appropriate for the intended audience and intended context. Graduates collaborate with others by openly and constructively giving and receiving feedback, and use that feedback to revise and improve their own communication. They demonstrate facility in analyzing, interpreting, and understanding sources of information and in constructing persuasive arguments in ways that empower and challenge their own and other’s thinking.

WRIT 101 W: The Core Writing course

WRIT 101 is an essential component of the Core experience that prepares students for both college and life writing by instilling both confidence and skills for public communication.

Additional Writing courses

After WRIT 101, many programs at MSU require additional writing courses. These include:

WRIT 201

Studies writing as a practice, process, and tool of inquiry in various academic and public domains. Bridges general study of writing in WRIT 101 and later discipline-specific study of writing. Emphasizes genre analysis and composition, research practices, and argumentation.

WRIT 221

Focuses on kinds of writing done in technical or business environments, preparing students for technical writing in a range of disciplines and with attention to the ethical implications of technology.

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Rebecca Jones

Writing Program Administrator

Associate Professor, Department of English