To get receive credit for Writing in the Core, you need to place out of Core Writing or take either WRIT 101 or WRIT 101/001 combo. Some students will start with WRIT 080 to ensure they are confident and prepared for the work in WRIT 101.

Course Descriptions

WRIT 080: Building Basic Writing Skills

4 Credits Gallatin College

Provides basic skills to prepare students for college level writing
Focuses on paragraph development and the basics of English grammar
Note: does not count toward credit for Core Writing Requirement

WRIT 001/WRIT 101: Co-Req Support for WRIT 101W + College Writing 1

5 Credits Gallatin College

4 days a week (3 credits large class, 2 credits in a small group)
Extensive practice on writing process and skills
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WRIT 101: College Writing 1

3 Credits MSU

3 credit course, either MWF or TTh sections
Practice writing a variety of genres, collaboratively and independently
Learn research strategies
Engage in public arguments

WRIT 101 Placement Scores at MSU

For school year 2021-2022 ONLY students with a high school GPA of 3.9 or above are exempt from WRIT 101. Note: exemption means you receive course credit but this does not course toward your overall required credits to graduate from MSU. 

ACT Placement Guidelines

English Language Arts

or Combined English/Writing

Writing Subject Subscore Writing English

WRIT 080

0-15 3-4 3-4 1-15

WRIT 001/

WRIT 101

16-17 5-6 5-6 16-21
WRIT101 18 7 7 22
EXEMPT   11 11 28


SAT Placement Guidelines
  Evidence-Based Read/Write Writing/Language Test Essay Total (Reading, Analysis, Writing Subscore) Essay Writing Subscore
WRIT 080   10-18    



WRIT 101   25    
Exempt 750 38 22 7


Directed Self-Placement Survey

If you have not been placed in a Core writing course through ACT/SAT scores or AP exam (or this year ONLY via GPA) then you need to participate in the Directed Self Placement Survey. This is a brief survey that will help assess the best writing course for your success at MSU. When you complete all portions of the survey, you will be given you a suggested WRIT course and notify advising.