The English curriculum at Montana State University is a rich and challenging program taught by faculty who are highly qualified as scholars and teachers of literature, writing, and language, as well as winners of many awards for teaching excellence and scholarly achievement.

Students in English are expected to become skilled readers and writers through the study of language and literature. The program encourages students in the pleasures of rigorous, thoughtful reading, writing, and thinking. Students will gain knowledge of literature from various cultures and eras, especially British and American literatures, both canonical and emergent; demonstrate an understanding of critical approaches to the study of literature; and become aware of the relationship between culture and literary studies. Students in the teaching option in addition will learn about methods of teaching English and give promise of excellence in secondary teaching.

As a strong pre-professional major, English prepares students for entry into a number of graduate fields, including English, law, and library science, as well as for careers in teaching, journalism, public relations, management, and technical or professional writing.