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Land Acknowledgement

Below is a land acknowledgement conference participants may wish to include at the beginning of their presentations. The language offered is a suggestion, and participants are welcome to adapt the land acknowledgement to their individual contexts. 

We acknowledge and honor, with respect, the indigenous Nations on whose traditional territories the University now stands and whose historical relationships with the land continues to this day. While a land acknowledgment is not enough, it is an important social justice and decolonial practice that promotes indigenous visibility and a reminder that we are on settled indigenous land. We ask the spiritual ancestors to forgive our intrusion and humbly ask for their guidance.

Friday  October 25, 2019 

8:00-8:45 am    Registration                                              

Student Union Building (SUB) 2nd Floor

9:00-10:30 am    Welcome and Keynotes                       

Procrastinator Theater (SUB)

Welcome and Introductions               

Kate Ryan, Montana State University

Keynote Poetry Reading    

Amy Ratto Parks, University of Montana, “The Long Hallway of the Self: Contemplative Poetry”

Keynote Address 

Christy Wenger, Shepherd University, “‘Going on Being:’ Mindful Leadership in Higher Education for Teachers, Scholars and Administrators”

10:45 am - 12:00 pm    Session 1

1A New Directions for Contemplation                             

SUB 232

Aneil Rallin, Soka University of America, “Livid: A Rhetoric of the Living”

Robyn M. Tierney, New Mexico State University, “Habits of Mind: Image Making and Our Disciplinary Selves”

Kimberly Hoover, University of Pittsburgh, “Rhetorical Studies in the Age of Panpsychism”

Chair: Kate Ryan, Montana State University

1B Ways of Practicing Compassion                  

SUB 235

Destiny Brugman, Western Washington University, “Participatory Hospitality and Compassion”

Michelle Miley, Montana State University, “The Nurturing of the American Mind: Reclaiming the Feminine in the           Writing Center”

Chair: Stacey Cochran, University of Arizona

1C The Late Work of Foucault and Rhetorical Possibilities

SUB 233

Andreas Mechsner, University of Nevada, Reno

Eric Lehman, University of Nevada, Reno

Alison Moore, University of Nevada, Reno

Chair: Eric Lehman

1D Mindfulness, Empathy Writing, and “Unlimited Development”

SUB 236

Joseph Jones, University of Memphis, “A Brief History of Mindfulness in English Studies”

Janice Cools Stephens, Missouri Western University, “Empathy Writing: A Pedagogy for Employability”

Gavin Hurley, University of Providence, “‘Unlimited Development’ as Rhetorical Strategy: The Reasonableness of         Contemplative Journeying”

Chair: Michael Pfister, Arizona State University

12:00-1:30 pm    Lunch Break

1:30 - 2:45 pm    Session 2

2A Metacognition

SUB 232

Kate Chaterdon, Marist College, “Mindful Practice and Metacognitive Awareness in the Writing Class: Reflections on a Pilot Research Study”

Jourdyn Riley, Northern Arizona University, “Bringing Reflection to the Fore: Mindfulness, Student Agency, and Critical Thinking”

Amy Ratto Parks, University of Montana, “Bird Box Writing: Building Meta-Cognitive and Meta-Somatic Awareness in the Composition Classroom”

Chair: Maureen Mathison, University of Utah

2B  Teaching in the 21st Century

SUB 236

Beth Shirley, Montana State University, “‘Hey, Alexa, play me some bird sounds’: Reexamining Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring for a 21st Century Rhetorical Context”

Patricia Flores Hutson, University of Texas at El Paso, “Mind Full or Mindful? An Analysis of Mental Health and Mindfulness-Based Interventions for College Students”

Evelyn Harry Saru, New Mexico State University, “Making Disability Visible in the Literacy Classroom”

Chair: Lonni Pearce, University of Colorado, Boulder

2C Mobilizing Mindfulness: New Frameworks for Thinking about Writing Knowledge Transfer

233 SUB

Yee-Lum Mak, University of Kansas

Faith Scheidemantle, University of Kansas

Emma Kostopolus, University of Kansas

Dana Comi, University of Kansas

Mandy Macklin, Antioch University Seattle

Dylan Medina, Seattle University

Christopher Peace, University of Kansas


Anis Bawarshi, University of Washington

Mary Jo Reiff, University of Kansas

Chair: Anis Bawarshi, University of Washington

2D Ethics of Contemplative Rhetorics and Literacies: A Critical Engagement

SUB 235

Jonathan Isaac, Madison, WI

John Koban, Madison, WI

Amanda Pratt, Madison, WI

Chair: Amanda Pratt, Madison, WI

3:00 - 4:15 pm    Session 3

3A Community Engagement as a Means for Attunement:Contemplating Lived Spaces in First Year Composition Classes

SUB 235

Rubén Casas, University of Washington, Tacoma

Phillip Goodwin, University of Nevada, Reno

Jason Ludden, University of Nevada, Reno

Chair: Phillip Goodwin, University of Nevada, Reno

3B Literacy Practices

SUB 236

Haley Stammen, Northern Arizona University, “Teaching Basic Writers: Literacy Narratives, Audience, and Contemplative Practices”

Shawn Fullmer, Fort Lewis College, “Moving Towards Mindfulness: Teaching Rhetoric, Literacy and Mindfulness at a Diverse Liberal Arts Campus”

Chair:  Jennifer Stone, University of Alaska Anchorage

3C An Interactive Symposium on Writing to Flourish: A Positive Approach to College Writing

SUB 233

Stacey Cochran, University of Arizona

Susan Miller-Cochran, University of Arizona

Saturday  October 26, 2019

8:00 – 8:30 am  Morning Meditation 

Wilson Hall 1-154

Sarah Moseley, University of Virginia

8:15 - 9:00 am Coffee 

Wilson Hall 2-288

9:15 -10:30 am Session 4

4A “Writing to Flourish: Positive Approaches to College Writing”

Wilson 1-121

Stacey Cochran, University of Arizona

Jeremy Frey, University of Arizona

Elaine MacDougall, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Dorian Rolston, University of Arizona

Chair: Stacey Cochran, University of Arizona

4B “Collaborative Mindfulness: Strategies for Assessment”

Wilson 1-122

Karen Gocsik, UC San Diego

Holly Bauer, UC San Diego

Paulina Gonzales, UC San Diego

Jane Coulter, UC San Diego

Chair: Karen Gocsik, UC San Diego

4C Identities and Identifications

Wilson 1-124

James Warwood, Madison, WI, “Curated Embodiment: Mindful Composition of Visible Gender Identities on Instagram”

Michael Pfister, Arizona State University, “Mind Playing Tricks on Me: Mindfulness, Race, and Class in America”

Nathan Wood, Brigham Young University, “Contemplative Listening at the Site of Nonidentification: Listening to Cross-Cultural Difference and Disagreeing,”

Chair: Michelle Miley, Montana State University

4D Community and Contemplation

Wilson 1-123

Sarah Hart Micke, University of Denver, “Between Contemplative and Community-Engaged Pedagogies: Cultivating Rhetorical Sensibility in a First Year Writing Course”

Rik Hunter, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, “A Sense of Place: Contemplating Campus and Community Boundaries and Meeting Places”

Sarah Moseley, University of Virginia, “Contemplative Methods for Community Partnerships”

Chair: Gavin Hurley, University of Providence

10:45 - 12:00    Session 5

5A Contemplating Rhetorical Futures in a Post-Desktop Computing World

Wilson 1-121

Jacob Greene, Arizona State University

Madison Jones, University of Florida

David Rieder, North Carolina State University

Shannon Butts, University of Florida

Jason Crider, University of Florida

Brenta Blevins, University of Mary Washington

Chair: Jacob Greene, Arizona State University

5B Yoga 

Wilson 1-122

Shannon Chmelar, Independent Scholar, and Martha S. Cheng, Rollins College, “The Rhetorical Construction of ‘Authentic’ Yoga: B.K.S. Iyengar’s Recasting of Patanjali’s Sutras”

Mark Schlenz and Steven Kirchhoff, Montana State University, “The ‘Tao’ of Rhetoric and the ‘Rhetoric’ of the Tao: Producing and Embodying Meaning Through Textual Contemplation”

Chair: Kirk Branch, Montana State University

5C Sonic Rhetorics

Wilson 1-124

Heather Palmer, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, "Contemplative Sonic Rhetorics: Deep Listening with Pauline Oliveros"

Sawyer Edmister, Montana State University, "Peaceful Distortion: A Contemporary Look of Mindfulness at Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music"

Chair: Rebecca Jones, Montana State University

5D Mindfulness as a Pedagogical Strategy to Resist Institutional Racism

Wilson 1-123

Jacquelyne Kibler, University of Arizona and Arizona State University

Breyant Marshall, University of Arizona

Marisa Pesa, University of Arizona

Chair: Marisa Pesa, University of Arizona

12:00 -1:30 pm    Lunch Break

1:45 - 3:00 pm    Session 6

6A Negotiating Change in the Context of Care

Wilson 1-124

Alanna Frost, University of Alabama Huntsville, “Administration and Care: Mobility Studies from the Perspective of a Feminist Chair”

Gerri McNenny, Chapman University, “Kairos Meets the Climate Kids and Extinction Rebellion”

Rebecca Jones, Montana State University, “Designing Fast and Slow: Can We Have Contemplative Problem Solving in a Fast World?”

Chair: Robyn Tierney, New Mexico State University

6B “Remixing to Fly: Experimenting with Sonic Empathy and Recording Technology”

Wilson 1-122

Ben Harley, Northern State University

6C On Wellbeing

Wilson 1-123

Jennifer Stone, University of Alaska, Anchorage, “Supporting Indigenous Well-being through Video Games: A Case Study of Kisima Inŋitchuŋa (Never Alone)”

Lonni Pearce, University of Colorado, Boulder, “Wellbeing in First Year Writing: Teaching the Whole Student”

Rachel Bryson, Utah State University, “The X Project: Connecting Learning to Life in the Composition Classroom”

Chair: Sonja Benton, Montana State University

6D Mindfulness Across Contexts: Connecting Contemplative and Academic Literacies 

Wilson 1-121

Angela Jones, Western Kentucky University

Amy Devitt, University of Kansas

Anis Bawarshi, University of Washington

Mary Jo Reiff, University of Kansas

Chair: Angela Jones, Western Kentucky University

5:30-8:00 pm    Saturday Reception (BYOB)

Linda Karell’s home, 609 S. Black Street, a fifteen-minute walk north of Wilson Hall

Conference Sponsors

Montana State University, College of Letters and Sciences, Dean Nicol C. Rae

Department of English, Chair Kirk Branch