2024 Montana 4-H State Horse Show 

horse show

September 19-22, 2024 at 406 Arena in Vaughn, MT

The Montana 4-H State Horse Show is an opportunity for 4-H horse project members to test their skills alongside their peers from across the state in an educational and enjoyable competitive contest. Classes are offered to include nearly every aspect of the 4-H horse project as well as nearly every skill level of rider. Youth, ages 9-19 years old, may enter and compete based on the qualifying guidelines of their county.

All 4-H Members enrolled in horse projects in Montana 4-H are welcome and encouraged to participate at the State 4-H Horse Show. There is not a qualification requirement from county fairs to enter the show. You must enter the project and level you are enrolled in with an approved 4-H project horse to be eligible to show. Horses must primarily enter a project class to be able to show  in options classes. For example enter Western Horsemanship Level 2 and then you may enter showmanship and trail with the same horse.  

Entry and Payment Information (2024 Updates Coming Soon)

Entry will be available via the Cognito forms system. A quick link for entry will be available by email and facebook.

Entry Costs: $100 per participant for complete registration and class entry fee, $25 for each additional horse entered, $8.50 for T-shirt, $7.00 for Friday dinner tickets

Payments shall be submitted by check made payable to: MSU Extension 

Payments may be mailed to Montana 4-H Center, PO Box 173580, Bozeman, MT 59717 or submitted at show check-in.

Registration Deadline: To Be Determined

Location: Cottonwood Equine Center, 11CC Lane, Joliet, MT - https://cottonwoodequinecenter.com/

Questions about the event details, registration, or issues with Fair Entry? Contact Montana 4-H staff: 406.994.3501 or email Todd Kesner at [email protected] 


Required Forms: There are 3 required forms for exhibitors and horses which may be printed

  1. Media Release Form (for each exhibitor) Media Release PDF
  2. Medical Form (for each exhibitor) Medical Form PDF
  3. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (for each horse) Veterinary Inspection PDF


***You must bring these completed forms to Check-In or email in advance to [email protected] in order to compete. Horses without a valid CVI will not be allowed on the premises***

With camping or stall questions, please email Todd Kesner at [email protected]. Spots and stalls are available on a first come first serve basis and can be selected during registration.


  1. Stall Outdoor Covered or Uncovered: $15 per day* 
  2. Indoor Stall: $25 per day* - SOLD OUT - 
  3. 24 RV hookups with water and electricity: $25 per day
  4. Dry camping is also available

*We will be collecting a $100 deposit for stalls (cash or check) upon arrival, the deposit will be returned once the stall has been cleaned and checked out at the end of the show.*

Important Rule Changes and Announcements for 2024 Montana 4-H State Horse Show - COMING SOON 

  1. All Level 1 riders will be allowed to use two hands.  All Level 1 is Walk/Trot. 
  2. All Level 1 riders will be allowed to use approved snaffle bits regardless of the age of the horse. Please refer to the Montana 4-H Horse Program : Bit Rules and Equipment Guide for approved tack http://montana4h.org/projects/animal_science/horse_docs/Updated%20Bit%20Guide%206_4_2019.pdf
  3. We will be offering small equine horse classes for Trail, Jumper in Hand and Driving. In order to enter these classes you need to be currently enrolled in the Mini Horse or Driving Self Determined Project
  4. Participants who wish to compete in Showmanship with a Mini Horse will be included with all other contestants in age level showmanship classes.
  5. We will be hosting a costume contest for all participants this year. Please consider registering for this fun event.
  6. Freestyle Reining contestants do not need to submit their patterns, but they do need to submit music at check in including song title and artist. Costumes are encouraged. 
  7. We will be verifying all registrations with county agents to confirm participants have registered for the correct classes


Stalling is available onsite. Indoor stalls are $25 and outdoor stalls are $15.

Concessions and Friday Night BBQ

Concessions will be available at the facility throughout the weekend. 

One Friday night BBQ ticket will be included with each exhibitor entry. Additional BBQ tickets can be purchased when registering.


RV campsites are available at the facility and there are many hotel options nearby in Laurel or Billings.

Costume Class Prizes

The Yellowstone Silver Spurs will sponsor the costume classes this year with $100 for first place, $50 for second, and prizes through 6th place.  

Schedule and Classes

(2024 Updates Coming Soon)

Thursday, September 21

4:00 PM
Registration and Facility Open (Pick up registration packets and get stalling and camping assignments)
Arenas open for warm up and riding
Friday, September 22
Classes and Events

Office Open for Registration - staffed and setup

Stalling Barns available for use

Riding Arenas available for warm up

Showmanship Classes

1 - Senior Showmanship, Ages 14 & Over

2 - Intermediate Showmanship, Ages 11-13

3 - Junior Showmanship, Ages 10 & Under

4 - Yearling at Halter

5 - Young Horse Showmanship, Colts 1, 2, 3

6 - Young Horse Showmanship, Colts 4 & 5

7 - Small Equine - In Hand Jumping - Seniors 14 & Over

8 - Small Equine - In Hand Jumping - Juniors 13 & Under

Social - BBQ Dinner with Welcome and Introductions

Reining Classes (Evening Entertainment)

9 - Short Stirrup Reining, Horsemanship Level 2 & 3

10 - Freestyle Reining (Level 4 and up)

Saturday, September 23

Time Classes and Events

Office Open for Registration - staffed and setup

Riding Arenas available for warm up


Opening Ceremony - National Anthem, 4-H Pledge, Welcome

8:30AM Classes Begin

11 - Senior Western Equitation on the Rail, Ages 14 and Over

12 - Intermediate Western Equitation the Rail, Ages 11-13

13 - Junior Western Equitation on the Rail, Ages 10 and Under

14 - Level 1 Western Equitation on the Rail, Walk/Trot

15 - Western Horsemanship Pattern, Level 1

16 - Western Horsemanship Pattern, Level 7

17 - Western Horsemanship Pattern, Level 6

18 - Western Horsemanship Pattern, Level 5

19 - Western Horsemanship Pattern, Level 4

20 - Western Horsemanship Pattern, Level 3

21 - Western Horsemanship Pattern, Level 2

22 - Senior Bareback Equitation, Ages 14 and Over

23 - Intermediate Bareback Equitation, Ages 11-13

24 - Junior Bareback Equitation, Ages 10 and Under

25 - Level 1 Bareback Equitation, Walk/Trot

Lunch Break to be taken approximately 12:30 pm or where natural break in classes allows

26 - Western Horsemanship on the Rail - Colt to Maturity 2&3 / Green Horse 1&2

27 - 2 Year Old C2M/Green Horse Level 1, Western

28 - 3 Year Old C2M/Green Horse Level 2, Western

29 - Western Horsemanship on the Rail - Colt to Maturity 4&5 / Green Horse 3&4

30 - 4 Year Old C2M/Green Horse Level 3, Western

31 - 5 Year Old C2M/Green Horse Level 4, Western

32 - Driving Level 1 - Ground

33 - Driving Level 2 - Carts

34 - Senior English Equitation, Ages 14 and Over

35 - Intermediate English Equitation, Ages 11-13

36 - Junior English Equitation, Ages 10 and Under

37 - Level 1 English Equitation, Walk/Trot

38 - English Horsemanship Pattern, Level 1

39 - English Horsemanship Pattern, Level 7

40 - English Horsemanship Level 6

41 - English Horsemanship Level 5

42 - English Horsemanship Level 4

43 - English Horsemanship Level 3

44 - English Horsemanship Level 2

45 - English Equitation - Colt to Maturity 2&3 / Green Horse 1&2

46 - 2 Year Old C2M/Green Horse Level 1, English

47 - 3 Year Old C2M/Green Horse Level 2, English

48 - English Equitation - Colt to Maturity 4&5 / Green Horse 3&4

49 - 4 Year Old C2M/Green Horse Level 3, English

50 - 5 Year Old C2M/Green Horse Level 4, English

51 - Costume Classes (Junior 8-10)

52 - Costume Classes (Intermediate 11-13)

53 - Costume Classes (Senior 14 & Over)


Trail Obstacles set in arena and available for open evening practice

Sunday, September 24

Time Classes and Events
8:30 AM

54 - Small Equine - Trail In Hand - Senior 14 & Over

55 - Small Equine - Trail In Hand - Junior 13 & Under

56 - Trail - Yearling In Hand

57 - Senior Trail, Ages 14 and Over

58 - Intermediate Trail, Ages 11-13

59 - Junior Trail, Ages 8-10 (Walk-Trot)

60 - Level 1 Trail, Walk - Trot

61 - Trail C2M 2&3/Green Horse 1 & 2

62 - Trail C2M 4&5/Green Horse 3 & 4

1:00PM Approximate wrap-up


Cottonwood Equine Center Map

Cottonwood Equine Center Map

If you have additional questions or need other help with registration, please contact  Montana 4-H staff at (406)994-3501 or email Kimberly Richardson at [email protected].