Youth will enjoy many artistic experiences and develop skills for a lifetime through activities focusing on elements and principles of art. The project books can be used by members and helpers. This helper’s guide can also be used with groups of children in any setting in, out and after school. Many of the activities can be adapted to work with any grade.

Get Started in Art


This project book is for K-6 grade only and will work well with Cloverbuds. There are six chapters that focus on different media with a variety of art experiences including cutting and pasting, sculpture, printmaking, fibercasts and more. Youth will need to complete two experiences in two media areas per year to complete the project. This project could take three years to complete.


M/L Get Started in Art, 4H495

Drawing, Fiber and Sculpture

Drawing, fiber and sculpting activities are included in this project to develop the member’s artistic skills and talents. All of the activities focus on exploring the elements and principles of design and encourage development of skills.


M/L Sketchbook Crossroads, BU8140

Painting, Printing and Graphic Design

The three media, painting, printing and graphic designs are the areas members choose from to develop their artistic skills and talents. All of the activities focus on teaching the elements and principles of design.


M/L Portfolio Pathways, BU8141

Visual Arts Independent Study/Advanced

see Self Determined