Family and Consumer Sciences 

Welcome to the MSU Extension Carbon County Family and Consumer Sciences page. Throughout the page, you will find links to many reliable resources, from food preservation to finances, mental health, and more. Also, be sure to check out the sidebar to the right that has links to additional resources and information provided by MSU Extension on various Family and Consumer Sciences Topics. 

Canning, Pickling, Preserving OH MY!

Have you ever been looking for reliable reserch-baised canning, pickling, or preserving recipies, tips, or more information? Have no fear, we have you covered. Provided below is the link to Montana State University Extensions publications on nutrition and health MontGuides. For those of you looking for a new idea or inspiration, there is even a MontGuide that focuses on Canning Meat, Poultry, and Fish. Have Fun Preserving, Canning, or Pickling!



The National Center for Home and Food Preservation is an excellent resource for reliable research-based information and recommendations for many home food preservation methods. Check out these resources and information at the link below. 



The USDA also has a Complete Guide to Home Canning that can be accessed online full of research-based information for home food preservation. Check out this resources at the link below. 



Well Testing Kits:

The Carbon County Extension Office provides well testing kits for both home and livestock water testing.  Please call the office at 406-962-3522 or stop in for more information on how to test your well.