About Us

We are proud of our field-based teacher preparation program and believe that through these experiences our students make a more successful transition from student to being a beginning teacher.  The field experiences are integrated throughout the teacher preparation program so there are ample opportunities to use theories and methods taught on campus being applied in a K-12 classroom setting.

The Co-Teaching model for field experiences is a model that has been embraced by our teacher education program because of the benefits it gives to the college student, the cooperating teacher, and ultimately the children in the K-12 classrooms.  The field experiences for practicum students are based locally.  For student teaching, teacher candidates may stay within Montana or may go out-of-state, as well as internationally.  We encourage a 14 week placement for student teaching, which provides the most benefits for our students.

Whether you are a practicum student in your methods courses or a teacher candidate ready to student teach, you will be given a cooperating teacher with a minimum of three years of teaching experience, as well as a field supervisor to assist you. 

We wish you success as you enter a more challenging phase of your teacher education program and look forward to working with you until you become a licensed teacher.


All the best,

John A. Melick, M.Ed.

Director of Field Placement and Licensure