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Please contact Dr. J. Mitchell Vaterlaus for the Family Science option, and Dr. Christine Lux for the Early Childhood Education/Child Development option.

The Family Science master's degree program requires 36-credit hours and offers both a thesis and non-thesis option, although a thesis option is recommended. This program prepares students for family-focused careers in a variety of arenas including child, youth, and adult development programs, family life education, family resource management, parent education, family case management, and family support services. Students are also well trained to go on to pursue their doctorates in related fields such as family science, human development, counseling, social work, policy analysis, community health, and public administration. Students develop skills and techniques necessary for conducting research, program planning and evaluation, grant writing, and family policy analysis.

This unique program draws from multiple disciplines including family science, human development, public and community health, health education, family policy, and program planning and evaluation. The faculty affiliated with this program come from diverse fields of study and have worked in a variety of academic and nonacademic settings. Students are encouraged to be creative in their program of study and have the flexibility to design a program that fits their needs and helps them accomplish their future goals. Thus, this program offers students an exciting and challenging next step in their academic pursuits and will prepare students for careers in a variety of family-related fields.