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Dietetics Option - Apply to MSU

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How Do I Apply to MSU?

For information on applying to Montana State University please see the menu at the Admissions Checklist. Requirements for incoming students are also located at this web site. MSU has an online application for you to complete and submit electronically or you can print the application and submit by mail. When you apply to Montana State University, declare the Food and Nutrition major, dietetics option, in the Department of Health and Human Development. There is no additional application process to our undergraduate option in dietetics.

What Are the Costs of the MSU DPD Program?

Average tuition for full-time students varies each academic year.  Tuition rates and estimated expenses for books and housing are listed for both Montana residents and out-of-state students at: A summary of the Montana University System Residency policy can be found at

Additional costs for the DPD may include:

  • Nutrition classes with labs require additional fees per semester (NUTR 227, NUTR 301, NUTR 395, NUTR 401, NUTR 426, and SFBS 445R or SFBS 451R) $450-500
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Membership is recommended. ($58 for students)
  • Transportation costs for travel for Service Learning Projects; volunteer or shadowing experiences  ($25-$100 depending on distance from MSU).
  • Financial Aid:  Information and applications are available from the Office of Student Financial Aid Services located in the Strand Union Building at MSU or on the MSU website at

Where Do I Find Out About Important Dates and Deadlines?

All important dates and deadlines are available online in the registration handbook at the Registrar's website. Generally, fall semesters start in late August and end in mid-December. Spring semesters begin in mid-January and end in early May. The first summer session generally starts in mid-May and ends in late June; second summer session starts in late June and ends early August.

Where Do I Find Out About MSU Policies and Procedures?

Academic policies and procedures for MSU are available online in the MSU catalog and DPD policies are available in the Didactic Program in Dietetics Student Handbook.