1. ELIGIBILITY:  University Student Apartments are intended to provide students of Montana State University and the Gallatin College Workforce Program with affordable housing in an environment conducive to academic and personal success. Students with families, single graduate students, and eligible undergraduates may apply for available housing units.

    1. Student Status: The student Tenant must be and remain a degree-seeking student of Montana State University or the Gallatin College Workforce Program, registered for and completing a minimum of nine (9) undergraduate credits or six (6) graduate credits during each semester of occupancy, and making timely progress towards a degree in a university approved program. Students must pre-register for classes or demonstrate intent to register (from an advisor), no later than June 1 for fall semester, and November 30, for spring semester, of each calendar year, in order to maintain eligible student status.

      1. WWAMI students may reside in University Student Housing Apartments, provided program and class registration can be verified, and program participation continues to require student Tenant presence in Bozeman, MT. WWAMI students must meet contract registration requirements each semester of tenancy.

      2. Tenants must have a primary role of student. Students meeting all other criteria, who are also an MSU employee at .75 FTE or greater are not eligible to reside in student housing.

      3. The parameters below apply to duration of tenancy in all University Student Housing options. You may continue to live in University Student Housing if you progress to the next degree level, provided it is your first of that type of degree.

        1. Undergraduate students should be in their first undergraduate degree and not exceed six years (72 months) living on campus.

        2. Master degree students should be in their first master degree program and not exceed three years (36 months) living on campus.

        3. Doctoral students should be in their first doctoral program and not exceed six years (72 months) living on campus.

        4. The maximum cumulative time that any student may live in student housing (all degrees and all housing options) is nine years (108 months).

    2. Family Status: Students, meeting student status eligibility (above), with families, may reside in University Student Housing Apartments only with those for whom the student has or shares a legal responsibility:  students with partners/spouses, students with dependent children, students with dependent parents, and students with disabilities who require an MSU approved live-in personal care attendant. Student applicants must provide documentation of their legal relationship to those persons residing with the student prior to picking up keys for their assigned unit. Such documentation includes a marriage license; children’s birth certificate(s) and/or custody decree; legal/notarized letter of guardianship; or proof of a shared loan, shared credit card, or shared insurance. Shared bank accounts and shared utilities do not qualify. A student must have physical custody of a dependent child for four or more months of the academic year to be eligible for student housing. Students with families may choose from: Paisley Court, Branegan Court, McIntosh Court, or Westside Houses.

    3. Graduate Student Status: Single graduate students, meeting student status eligibility (above), are eligible to reside in designated graduate student housing. Graduate students may be placed in a single-dwelling, one-bedroom apartment (limited availability) or in a two-bedroom apartment with a graduate or undergraduate (junior or senior level) roommate who meets student eligibility as defined above. Single student tenants are responsible for finding their own roommate who meets student eligibility to reside in University Student Housing Apartments. Graduate students may choose one of two housing options: 

      1. Reside in a one-bedroom apartment as a single occupant in Nelson Story Tower or Peter Koch Tower (limited availability).

      2. Reside in a two-bedroom apartment with a (housing-eligible) student roommate in Grant Chamberlain Drive. Tenants will each pay one-half of the apartment rent. If a roommate cannot be found, or if a roommate moves out, the Tenant will have 60 days from date of notice from the University Student Housing office to secure a roommate. If the Tenant has not secured a roommate in this time, they will be assigned a roommate. Tenants are expected to maintain their unit in such a manner that a new person can move in within 48 hours’ notice.

    4. Undergraduate Single Student Status: When availability permits, single undergraduates who have earned more than seventy-two (72) credits are eligible to reside in housing designated for single graduate students. Single undergraduates may choose from the housing options available to graduate students listed above.

    5. Interlink Students: When availability permits, full-time Interlink students are eligible to reside in University Student Housing Apartments; part-time interlink students may request a temporary exception.

    6. Summer Occupancy: To continue occupancy during the summer months, the student Tenant must either:

      1. be and remain a registered student for Summer Semester (six (6) undergraduate credits or three (3) graduate credits), and be pre-registered for the following fall semester by June 1 if planning to continue living in University Student Housing Apartments,

      2. be and remain a full-time registered student for Summer Semester (six (6) undergraduate credits or three (3) graduate credits), and plan to vacate within 15 days of the last date of summer classes, if not intending to continue residency in University Student Housing Apartments,

      3. have completed at least nine (9) undergraduate credits or six (6) graduate credits for the preceding spring semester, be in good scholastic standing for the preceding spring semester, and be pre-registered, by June 1, for the following fall semester, or

      4. be pre-registered for the upcoming fall semester (this only applies to students seeking a new housing assignment, moving in during summer months, and otherwise eligible for student housing).

    7. Change in Status: If there is a change in marital status, residence of spouse/partner or residence/dependency of children, change to credit load, or other status related to eligibility, the Tenant must notify University Student Housing immediately. If the Tenant’s change in status is during the semester and results in his/her ineligibility for student housing, the Tenant must vacate the unit within 30 days following the change in status causing ineligibility, regardless of when University Student Housing was notified. 

    8. Credit Waivers: Tenants must enroll and complete one semester to be eligible for a credit waiver. Credit waivers are intended for students who have extenuating circumstances which require them to withdraw or drop below the minimum number of credits to live in student apartments. Suspended students are not eligible for a credit waiver. A student may only use a credit waiver ONCE during their tenancy. The request must be submitted via the housing portal, and must be approved by University Student Housing. Conduct history and rental account history will be considered in the determination.

    9. Extension Requests: Tenants may submit an extension request if they would like to petition the required move out timeline. Each request will be reviewed and determination of approval will be made based on tenant history (including rental account) and current demand for housing. Requests are not guaranteed to be approved.

    10. Transfer Requests: Tenants may submit a transfer request via the housing portal. Determinations will be based on conduct history, rental account (must be paid in full), condition of current unit, and availability to accommodate the request. Approved transfers will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

    11. Contract Transfer Requests: Tenants may request to transfer their University Student Housing Apartments contract to their student partner/spouse. Determinations will be based on eligibility of the student partner/spouse, conduct history, rental account (ust be paid in full), condition of unit. 

  2. PREMISES: Subject to the terms herein, the University agrees to provide Tenants with a housing unit specified during the term of this contract. Assignment to a unit will be made according to University procedures.

  3. INABILITY TO DELIVER POSSESSION: The University cannot guarantee the date of delivery of possession of a unit. If the unit is unavailable by the date the University stipulated on Assignment Paperwork, the Tenant is not liable for rent for any period they are not in possession.

  4. CONTRACT PERIOD: This contract becomes effective upon the date the unit is available for occupancy, as stipulated on Assignment Paperwork, and will continue on a month-to-month basis until either the Tenant or University Student Housing provides notice.

    1. Tenants who are not pre-registered for the following semester are required to vacate their unit within fifteen (15) days of the last day of the semester or summer session, unless the Tenant requests and receives an extension in writing (submit your request via My Housing Portal on the University Student Housing website).  Extensions will be reviewed and approved dependent on demand for housing, conduct standing, and rental account standing. 

    2. A contract acceptance process is facilitated each summer, outlining any changes to the student housing contract, and updating household records. This process must be completed by Tenants wishing to continue tenancy.


    1. Application Fee/Security Deposit: An application fee of $300.00 is required at the time of application. The full application fee will be refunded if applicant cancels their housing application prior to an offer of housing.  $150.00 of the application fee will be retained by the University if applicant fails to respond to an assignment offer or outreach regarding continued waitlist status. The full $300.00 application fee will be retained by the University if applicant fails to complete assignment paperwork by the provided deadline or fails to occupy the assigned unit. Once the Tenant is assigned to a unit, the $300.00 application fee is retained as a security deposit to secure the payment of rent and payment for damages to or cleaning of the unit upon termination of this contract. The security deposit will be returned in full upon termination of the tenancy, unless deductions for rent, repairs, replacement, cleaning charges, or other outstanding MSU receivables are applied.

    2. Rent: Rent is payable on the first day of each month by visiting My Housing Portal on the University Student Housing website, or in person at the Cashier’s Office located under Miller Dining Commons. Charges for a partial month are computed on a daily basis based on the number of days in the month. Tenants with a history of late payment of rent may have their housing contract terminated or be required to enter into written payment plans that may require pre-payment of rent for periods that exceed one month.

    3. Late Payments: A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed on the 16th day of each month if the account is in default by $100.00 or more. If rent is not paid by the 25th, the University may immediately terminate Tenant’s contract. Students may not register for classes or receive transcripts until full payment has been made for unpaid rental and/or other assessments.

    4. Rent Increase: The University reserves the right to increase the applicable monthly rent during the term of this Agreement, after thirty (30) days written notice to the Tenant. Annual rent increases take effect August 1.

    5. Refunds: After deduction for any unpaid rent, outstanding utility charges, cleaning and/or damage charges, or any other outstanding charges to Montana State University, the University will refund any unused portion of the monthly rent, via student accounts, if the Tenant is released from this contract.

    6. Holds: The University reserves the right to place a hold on student’s university account, transcripts, and registration if the student has an outstanding account balance with University Student Apartments.

    7. Collections: The Tenant agrees to pay all collection costs, attorney’s fees and expenses made or incurred by the University in enforcing this contract.

  6. OCCUPANCY LIMITS: No more than one (1) occupant can reside in a one-bedroom single graduate/undergraduate designated apartment. No more than two (2) occupants can reside in two-bedroom single graduate/undergraduate designated apartments. No less than two (2) and no more than four (4) related occupants can reside in two-bedroom family designated apartments. No less than three (3) and no more than six (6) related occupants can reside in three-bedroom family designated apartments. Any exceptions to the occupancy limit must be approved in writing by University Student Housing, in partnership with Safety and Risk Management.

    1. Tenants are required to keep household member information accurate with University Student Housing.

  7. CHECK-IN OF PREMISES: At the time of taking occupancy, the Tenant will be checked into the unit, and is responsible for its condition. The Tenant will sign the Apartment Inspection Sheet (AIS) as acceptance of the condition of the unit and its contents. Upon check out, condition of unit is compared to original Apartment Inspection Sheet to determine any necessary charges. 

  8. CHECK-OUT OF PREMISES: At the time of check-out, Maintenance Staff will review the unit and compare condition and contents to the original Apartment Inspection Sheet. Tenant will be charged for discrepancies: 

    1. General cleaning deficiencies are charged at $32/hour

    2. Floor cleaning is charged at $60/room

    3. Cost to re-key a unit is charged at $70/lock

    4. Costs to replace or repair other issues within the unit are charged based on contractor cost; a general listing of charges is provided to tenants upon providing notice to vacate.  


    1. The University will provide and pay for utilities as follows:

      1. Westside Houses, Paisley Court, and McIntosh Court: water and garbage pick-up.

      2. Grant Chamberlain and Branegan Court: water, garbage pick-up, electricity, and heat.

      3. Nelson Story and Peter Koch Towers: water, garbage pick-up, electricity, and heat.

    2. West Side Houses, Paisley Court, and McIntosh Court Tenants must be approved for utility service from NorthWestern Energy within thirty (30) days of occupancy. The Tenant is responsible for the connection and payment of natural gas and electricity during the entire contract period in units where utilities are not provided by the University. If utility services are not placed in your name within 30 days of move in, University Student Housing will be billed for your utilities and will then place these charges on your rental account.


    1. Air Conditioning Units: these are permitted, with the following exceptions: 

      1. Units cannot be installed in fire windows (Paisley “C” units).

      2. Units cannot be installed October through April

      3. If selected air conditioning unit is determined to be interfering with the electrical or heating components of a unit, it must be removed. 

    2. Alcohol and Drugs: Use, possession, manufacturing, distribution or sale of narcotics or illegal drugs, is prohibited. While Montana law permits medical marijuana and the use of recreational marijuana for persons 21 and older, it is still illegal under Federal law and therefore is not permitted in any campus housing. Use or possession of an illicit substance by a Tenant, family member or guest may be grounds for disciplinary action, including termination of housing contract. Use, possession, or distribution of intoxicants, including alcohol, in the buildings or on the grounds of Montana State University is prohibited, except as expressly permitted by law or University policy. Tenants who are of legal age may consume alcohol within their residence. Tenants wishing to hold outdoor events that will involve the use of alcohol must obtain approval to serve alcoholic beverages through the MSU Conference Services Office. 

    3. Candles and Incense: Burning candles and incense is prohibited. Please use electric candle warmers if you wish to enjoy the smell of scented candles. 

    4. Fire Safety Equipment: Tampering with fire safety equipment is prohibited. This includes smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, alarm pull stations, and fire panels. 

    5. Furniture: Tenants may not remove University furniture or store it outside the unit. Once Tenants are moved in, the furniture status in the apartment (Furnished or Unfurnished) may not be changed. Exceptions may be granted for medical concerns, with the following stipulations: 

      1. If Tenants are approved for medical purposes, all furniture will be removed at one time for a charge of $100.

    6. Grounds:

      1. Snow Removal: The Tenant is responsible for the removal of snow on walks, landings, and stairways between the unit and the main sidewalk. Facilities Services will remove snow from all major sidewalks, streets, and roads as needed.

      2. Lawn Care: Facilities Services will manage lawns, including mowing/ trimming/ fertilizer, herbicide applications, and rodent control, during fair-weather months; please keep lawns free of toys, bikes, etc., to facilitate easy management of green spaces.

      3. Please do not let children play with water valves on buildings or sprinklers.

      4. Planting: In-ground planting is only permitted at the designated community garden (May through October). Container plants/gardens are permitted around units and must be located on sidewalks/patios, out of the way of pedestrians and mowers. Tenants will be charged $69.00/hour to restore grounds if in-ground planting takes place. 

      5. When moving out, DO NOT drive on sidewalks or the lawn.

    7. Guests: Tenants may not house guests/visitors for more than five (5) days. Tenants must request approval from University Student Housing for exceptions to this.

    8. Hazards: The Tenant shall not keep or use any halogen lamps, gasoline, kerosene, burning fluid, or other combustible or explosive material of any type in the units. Any condition that creates a hazard is prohibited and must be immediately eliminated upon request of University staff. 

    9. Heat: Tenants living in the West Side Houses, Paisley Court, McIntosh Court, and Branegan Court, and are planning to be away from their homes for longer than 24 hours during cold weather months, must notify University Student Housing. During cold weather months, USH staff will verify heat is in working condition to prevent freeze-ups, by keying into the units. If no such notice is given, the tenant may be responsible for damage occurring from freeze ups. Broken and frozen pipes are very costly, and the breakage may or may not be detected until spring. Tenants may be assessed a charge if damage results from neglect. If you are leaving town, please do not turn off the heat in your unit. 

      1. Grant Chamberlain Drive, Towers, and Julia Martin units are heated via steam heat. Heat is turned on around October 1 and is turned off around June 1 – dates are weather dependent. 

      2. During extremely cold weather, please leave kitchen cabinet doors open under the kitchen sink and leave the passage door open to bathrooms to allow heat to circulate around pipes. 

      3. If you desire more heat, please purchase a space heater. Due to potential danger, heaters requiring liquid fuel are prohibited from use. If your heat is not working, let University Student Housing know so we can avoid freeze-ups.

    10. Keys: University Student Housing keys are not to be duplicated. If you temporarily lose your key, a temporary replacement may be requested at the University Student Housing office. This replacement must be returned within two weeks from the date of the key checkout, or the unit will be rekeyed at the Tenant’s expense. Keep track of all our keys and return them upon check out to avoid rekey charges. Children must be 8 years of age or older to have their own key. If your unit needs to be rekeyed, a charge of $125 will be assessed per lock (i.e. all Tower units are $250 to rekey, McIntosh units are $625 to rekey). Written notice must be given to the University Student Housing Office if a friend, relative, babysitter, etc., is permitted to check out a key to your apartment. Tenants and designated individuals will be required to present picture identification or answer three points of verification of identity to receive a key. University Student Apartments provides a key service for emergency lockouts. In the event of a lockout after 5:00pm, please contact our on-call staff at 406-994-3730.

    11. Maintenance and Cleanliness: 

      1. A Community Assistant will perform a facility check of each unit up to two times per year to determine and report to University Student Housing if any maintenance, cleanliness, or safety issues exist. Tenants will be notified in writing, in advance, of the facility check. University Student Housing staff are expe ted to document any policy violations that they find during a facility check which may lead to the student(s) being held accountable for those policy violations.

      2. It is the responsibility of the tenant(s) to keep their assigned unit clean. Roommates are expected to maintain their spaces in a manner that is comfortable for all assigned tenants. Tenants are expected to practice appropriate hygiene and to maintain an environment within their assigned space and community which is sanitary.

      3. It is every tenant’s responsibility to help maintain cleanliness in public areas.

      4. Tenants are responsible for replacing light bulbs as they burn out (interior lights, oven and refrigerator lights, etc.). University Student Housing can provide you with replacement fluorescent bulbs if you stop by the maintenance house (call for location). Please be sure all bulbs are in working condition when vacating your apartment. Halogen lamps are not permitted as they pose a substantial fire hazard.

      5. Garbage: all garbage must be bagged and tied and taken immediately to garbage receptacles. Do not leave garbage outside of units. Tenants are responsible for the disposal of discarded personal appliances and personal furniture items too large for dumpsters. 

      6. Tenants are responsible for damage and loss.

      7. Modifications and Repairs: Tenants may not paint, or otherwise modify a unit. The Tenant will be charged for the cost to restore the unit to its original state if they modify the unit in any manner.

      8. Maintenance Requests: Tenants should notify University Student Housing staff if there is a maintenance concern. Tenants do not have to be present in the unit when University Facility Services staff are performing maintenance. Tenants who have an approved emotional support or service animal will be asked to schedule a maintenance appointment during which they can be present to supervise the animal. If maintenance needs to be performed by an off-campus contractor, University Student Housing staff will escort the contractor for the duration of maintenance work in your unit.

      9. Pests: Generic ant and mouse traps can be purchased from local hardware stores and utilized in units. If further attention is needed, or you have an urgent concern, please report your concerns to University Student Housing. Tenants will be responsible for the cost of extermination if directions are not followed to manage the concern.

    12. Open Flame Cooking Devices: Charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices shall not be operated on balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction. Combustible construction means the structure’s patio fences and deck railings, as well as combustible decks above patios. Cooking devices shall not use a gas container larger than 2.5 pounds [nominal] 1 pound capacity (camp size). University Student Housing reserves the right to fully restrict open-flame cooking devices as needed due to safety concerns.

    13. Peaceful Enjoyment: Tenants must conduct themselves, and will require their household members and visitors to conduct themselves, in a way that does not disturb other tenants’ peaceful enjoyment of their residence. Quiet hours are 9pm-7am, seven days a week. Courtesy hours are always in effect. Tenants, including all household members or visitors who disturb others, disrupt the ordinary operation of University Student Housing activities, and/or fail to comply with housing requirements will be required to leave the premises and/or will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of housing contract.

    14. Operation of a Business: Tenants may not conduct commercial activity or promote commercial activity using the university computer address (montana.edu domain). Business should not violate this contract or the Student Code of Conduct, nor should it violate fire code or impede on others’ peaceful enjoyment.

    15. Pets: Tenants and their guests are not permitted to have animals/pets in University Student Housing Apartments units. Exceptions are made for fish, totally aquatic species, and pre-approved Assistive Animals. Tenants will be assessed a $100 fine for violations of the pet policy. A certified assistive animal is permitted for a tenant with approved medical documentation through the Office of Disability Services and University Student Housing. Owners of approved assistive animals must adhere to the Guidelines for Assistive Animals to ensure their animal does not violate their obligation to the University Student Housing Apartments contract. Specifically, owners should be mindful of the animal’s potential influence on other tenants’ peaceful enjoyment and the property of Montana State University. Please note that failure to adhere to the Guidelines for Assistive Animals may result in the animal or tenant being removed from University Student Housing. Any violation of the Assistive Animal contract may result in charges for damage or disinfection of the living space. For more information about approved assistive animals, please contact University Student Housing. 

    16. Play Structures: University Student Housing prohibits the use or placement of any item exterior to the apartment unit that could pose potential harm or nuisance to others or damage property. Trampolines, air inflatables, climbing structures, horseshoe pits, archery sets, etc., are not permitted. Kiddy pools may be utilized while supervised. When finished, remove all water and remove inflatable pool to appropriate storage location.

    17. Satellite Dishes: Please do not install satellite dishes without coordination from the University Student Housing maintenance team, who will determine appropriate location and installation means. Any damages resulting from installation will be the responsibility of the Tenant.

    18. Spigots: Tenants must remove hoses from outside spigots during cold weather months to avoid frozen pipes. Broken pipes are costly and the breakage may not be detected right away. Tenants are responsible for damages resulting from inattention. 

    19. Storage: 

      1. Due to city fire codes, safety and welfare of tenants, and general aesthetics, storage of items (freezers, tires, concrete blocks, lumber, garbage, recyclables, motorcycles, furniture, etc.) is not permitted outside units, on landings, in stairwells, or in breezeways. 

      2. Doors that serve a means of egress are required to be distinguishable as a door and cannot be concealed by curtains, drapes, or other decorations as identified in the currently adopted 2021 International Fire Code.

      3. The use and placement of neatly stored grills, lawn furniture, and other like items, is permitted, with the exception of the Peter Koch and Nelson Story Towers.

      4. After written notification to the Tenant to correct violations of the storage requirements, the University will remove any materials improperly stored outside and the Tenant will be billed for this removal at a rate of $30/hour. 

    20. Storage Units: storage sheds are permitted in the West Side Houses, in coordination with the University Student Housing maintenance team. Sheds must be placed at the rear of the units near the exterior wall. Storage sheds should be no larger than 8 feet wide, 12 feet deep, and 7 feet high at the peak of the gable, and neatly painted. It is the responsibility of the tenant to remove the shed upon vacating the unit. Sheds left after a tenant moves out, will be dismantled and disposed of appropriately, charged at $69/hour.

    21. Subleasing: Subleasing is not permitted.

    22. Smoking and Tobacco Use (campus policy):

      1. No Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside any University Student Housing facilities. This includes cigars, cigarettes, pipes, hookah, e-cigarettes/vape, or any other smoking device. Hookah pipes or bongs are prohibited inside of any University Student Housing facilities. Any smoking paraphernalia known to be associated with or suspected of use with drugs may be confiscated by the University Police Department and is a violation of the drug policy. 

      2. Tobacco Free Campus: As of August 1, 2012, Montana State University is a Tobacco Free Campus. The use of tobacco (including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco, and all other tobacco products) by student, faculty, staff, guests, visitors, and contractors is prohibited on all campus properties owned or leased by MSU, including:

        1. All interior space on the MSU campus and property leased by MSU, including the agricultural research centers and other remote sites;

        2. All outside property or grounds on MSU’s campuses, including areas such as walkways, breezeways, parking lots, and patios;

        3. All outside property leased by MSU;

        4. All vehicles leased or owned by MSU; 

        5. All indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. 

      3. Advertising, sale, or distribution of tobacco is prohibited on MSU’s campus.

      4. Tobacco industry and related company sponsorship of campus groups, events, individuals, and departments is prohibited. This includes scholarships, sponsorship of faculty positions, and recruiting for employment. Tobacco industry and related company sponsorship of MSU athletic events and MSU athletes is prohibited. 

      5. Littering any university property, whether owned or leased, with the remains of tobacco products is prohibited. 

      6. Organizers and attendees at public events, such as conferences, meetings, public lectures, social events, cultural events, and sporting events using MSU facilities are required to abide by MSU’s tobacco-free policy. Organizers of such events are responsible for communicating the policy to attendees and for enforcing this policy. 

    23. Vehicles/Personal Transportation Devices: Tenants, dependents, and guests must observe all MSU Parking Regulations and the University Personal Transportation Device Policy. Motorized Vehicles and Motorcycles in University Student Apartment owned parking lots that do not have an FH permit or FH Guest Pass, or are violating parking regulations, are subject to citation. Motorized vehicles or motorcycles may be towed and impounded depending on the frequency or severity of violations. Bicycles and other non-motorized Personal Transportation Devices should be parked and locked appropriately in bicycle racks.  Bicycles and Personal Transportation Devices should not be stored on patios, under stairwells, or chained to gas meters or stairway railings. 

    24. Weapons:

      1. Per Montana Board of Regents policy 1006, handguns and any other weapons are not allowed to be stored or present on the grounds or within living areas in University Student Housing Apartments.

      2. Approved weapons and ammunition may be stored at the University Weapons Storage Facility. The facility is attached to the University Police Department (Huffman Building) on the corner of South 7th Avenue and Kagy Boulevard.

      3. The storage of ammunition, fireworks, and any form of explosive fuels or devices within University Student Housing Apartments residences and storage areas is strictly prohibited. 

      4. The possession of paintball guns, bb guns, spring guns, or dart guns is prohibited.

      5. Please refer to the campus weapons policy for more specific information.

      6. Any violation of the Weapons policy may result in immediate termination of housing contract and may also be cause for immediate suspension from the University and referral to law enforcement officers.

    25. Window Treatments and Obstructions: Tenants must use University provided window treatments (blinds or curtains). Tin-foil, bed sheets, table cloths, or other like items are not considered to be an adequate window covering in any of our units. For fire safety reasons, windows may not be obstructed by hangings, furniture, or other items.

  11. RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE AND LOSS OF UNIVERSITY PROPERTY: The Tenant is responsible for any damage to the unit, university furniture and equipment caused by Tenant, their household members, guests or other tenants, ordinary wear and tear expected. The Tenant agrees to pay such damages to the University upon demand.

  12. UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS: The Tenant agrees that they and their household members and guests will observe all University and University Student Apartments regulations as set forth in the Montana State University Student Code of Conduct, the University Student Apartments Community Standards, and this contract. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including termination of your housing contract. All University rules and regulations published in the Montana State Student Code of Conduct, University Student Apartments Community Standards and University Student Apartments Newsletter, are specifically made a part of this contract by this reference.

  13. UNIVERSITY RESPONSIBILITY FOR STUDENTS’ PERSONAL PROPERTY: The University assumes no responsibility for the theft, destruction, or loss of money, valuables or other personal property belonging to or in the custody of the Tenant regardless of the cause and location of the property. The University does not carry insurance against the loss or damage of individually owned personal property; Tenants should therefore provide their own personal property insurance coverage. One option for coverage can be found via the application for University Student Housing Apartments.

  14. UNIVERSITY AUTHORITY:  The University reserves the right to:

    1. Require Tenants to move to other accommodations, if necessary, to vacate a building or a part of the building. 

    2. Move Tenants from a specific unit or building, if necessary, for order, health and safety, administrative, or disciplinary purposes.

    3. Inspect all units, with notice to the Tenant, for purposes of inventory, fire protection, sanitation, safety, maintenance, repair, and rule enforcement.

    4. Enter a unit without notice in cases of emergency or when attempts to provide notice by phone or in                                              person fail.

    5. Impose sanctions, including contract termination, from University Student Apartments, on Tenants who violate the terms and conditions of this agreement.

    6. Communicate changes to University Student Apartments regulations upon providing advance notice to Tenants through email, the newsletter, or otherwise.


    1. Tenants who want to be released from this contract for any reason must submit notice with University Student Housing Apartments at least sixty (60) days prior to the date the Tenant wishes to terminate occupancy. The Tenant will be released from the contract if s/he meets the criteria for release stated on the 60-Day Notice Form. The Tenant is responsible to submit notice to vacate early enough to meet requirement (16.C).

    2. If the Tenant and/or their household members fail to comply with the provisions of this contract, the University may terminate this contract and seek any other remedy in law or equity. The Tenant agrees to pay all reasonable costs, attorney’s fees and expenses made or incurred by the University in enforcing this contract.

    3. Tenants must vacate their unit within fifteen (15) days of the end of the academic semester unless:

      1. The Tenant has pre-registered for the upcoming semester.

      2. The Tenant has children in the Bozeman School District. In this instance, the Tenant may vacate fifteen (15) days after the end of the public-school semester.

      3. The Tenant has formally requested a contract extension through the housing portal, and the extension has been approved.

    4. Upon termination, the University has the right to re-enter and take possession of the premises. If a Tenant refuses to leave voluntarily, the University may remove the Tenant’s belongings and bill the Tenant for the costs of moving and storage.

    5. The University may terminate this contract without cause upon thirty (30) days written notice to Tenant. Further, the University Student Housing office reserves the right to terminate the contract of any Tenant if the Tenant or other occupants or guests pose an imminent and substantial threat of injury to or interference with other tenants, their children, and their property.

    6. In the event the University determines a reassignment/relocation or move out due to health and/or safety reasons, including without limitation, a pandemic or emergency declaration by any governing authority, the tenant may not have the opportunity to retrieve property left in their residence. In such event, the University shall have the right to pack, store, and/or ship the tenants’ belongings to the address designated by the tenant. The University reserves the right to engage professional moving services. 

  16. NOTICES:

    1. University: Notice by the University is deemed sufficient if delivered in person, affixed to the door of the premises, emailed to the student’s preferred email account (as indicated in MyInfo), or mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested to the address of the premises.

    2. By Tenant: Notice by the Tenant is deemed sufficient if delivered in person to the University Student Housing Office, emailed to a staff member, or mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, to University Student Housing at P.O. Box 172080, Bozeman, MT 59717.

  17. ABANDONED PROPERTY: If the Tenant leaves property in the unit or on University property after termination of occupancy, the property shall be deemed abandoned. The University will dispose of the property if not removed by the Tenant after the University provides notice to the Tenant at the last known address. Any charges incurred to remove, store or dispose of the property will be assessed to the Tenant.

  18. APPEALS:

    1. Tenant may file a written grievance with the Director of University Student Housing, or designee, if they feel the University has failed to comply with this contract.

    2. If Tenant disagrees with the decision of the Director of University Student Housing, the Tenant may request, in writing, an additional review by the University Student Housing Contract Review Committee. The decision of the University Student Housing Contract Review Committee is final.

University Student Housing: Apartments
Community Standards

Welcome to University Student Apartments!

First, thank you for choosing University Student Housing Apartments as your home – we are glad you’re here!

The following information comprises the Community Standards for the University Student Housing Apartments community. 

Community Support

  • A Community Assistant (CA) is assigned to each living area within the apartments. You will be given your CA’s contact information upon arrival, and you will most likely first meet your CA at your apartment walk through (your CA will reach out to you to schedule this). Your CA serves as a resource to answer questions, mediate roommate, or neighbor concerns, follow up on policy violations, plan and facilitate community events, and more.
  • We work hard to connect tenants with campus and community resources so watch for great opportunities to engage with a variety of resources via newsletter, email, Facebook, etc.
  • We publish a monthly community newsletter, “On the Horizon,” which will be emailed to you each month. This contains information such as updated policies, announcements, and monthly programs/events.

Office Hours and After-Hours Assistance

  • Our office is located at 31 Hedges Complex, underneath Miller Dining Commons.
  • We are open from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.
  • CAs are available after-hours to assist with lock outs, maintenance concerns, or general questions. You can call our office and you will be routed to the on-call staff phone, or you may use the yellow phone outside the entry door of 1502 W. Garfield (Auxiliary Services building), which will auto-dial the on-call phone 24 hours a day.

Apartment Inspection Sheet

The Apartment Inspection Sheet (AIS) is used to document the condition of your apartment at the time of check-in. It is very important that you thoroughly review the inventory and note any discrepancies in the condition of the apartment from what is written on the inspection sheet. Any significant or notable differences must be submitted to your Community Assistant during the CA walk through of your apartment. The inventory will be kept on file for the duration of your tenancy. Unless noted on the Apartment Inspection Sheet, damages assessed upon check-out will be billed to the tenant.

Attics and Crawl Spaces

The attic doors should not be removed for any reason in units that have them. They are insulated and not available for storage. Crawl spaces in the West Side Houses are not to be accessed or used for storage.


Please park bikes in bicycle racks or store them in your apartment. Bicycles should not be stored against or chained to gas meters, light poles, signs, or stair railings at any time. All bicycles must be registered through University Police with a registration sticker. Registration is free. Bicycles not registered or which appear abandoned may be removed from bike racks by the University.


Camping is not permitted on University property.

Charges Resulting from Damage

University Student Housing Apartments will make every attempt to fairly determine whether the tenant will pay for damages. A good rule of thumb is: Anything outside the realm of normal wear and tear, such as damage and maintenance resulting from negligence of tenant, household members, or guests will be charged to the tenant. Any special cleaning or replacement of equipment resulting from tenant’s misuse will also be the tenant’s responsibility.

Housing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Modified apartments for students with disabilities are available on a first come, first-serve basis. Students must request this accommodation through the Office of Disability Services at 994-2824. If you anticipate or encounter disability-related barriers, you must clearly indicate your request for a modified apartment on the application. University Student Housing can accommodate students with disabilities who require a live-in personal care attendant, once a recommendation is provided by the Office of Disability Services. For more information, vist the Personal Care Attendant Policy and Procedure for more information. We will accommodate a student when they become eligible for assignment to an apartment. At that time, the non-disabled tenant of a modified apartment will receive 30-day’s notice to move to another unit. When non-disabled students are assigned to modified units, they are advised of this policy and the possibility of moving.

Interior Decorations

While we realize you want to make your apartment your “new home,” University Student Housing does not permit major modifications to apartments. You may not make modifications to your assigned apartment.

  • Carpeting: Tenants who have carpet in their units are responsible for its upkeep. The use of shake-on carpet fresheners is prohibited. Upon vacating the unit, tenants are required to professionally shampoo the carpets (specific guidelines provided at move out) and provide proof of receipt. Tenants may also choose to have the University Student Housing staff professionally clean carpets at a charge of $150. If tenants choose to shampoo carpets themselves, and the carpets need more cleaning, additional charges may apply. An additional charge may also occur for stain treatment of carpets.
  • Ceiling Hooks: Plants are allowed in University Student Apartments; however, ceiling hooks are limited to one (1) per bedroom and two (2) in the living room.
  • Painting: Tenants cannot paint. Tenants who paint without approval of University Student Housing will be responsible for repainting, for damages resulting from use of unauthorized paint, and/or charges for a professional painter to restore the original paint color.
  • Wall Hangings: A reasonable number of pictures and other hangings may be hung on apartment walls. Grant Chamberlain tenants should use anchoring hooks to hang items on the concrete walls (nails do not work). Other tenants may use small tacks, nails, or pins to hang items on the walls. Please do not use tape, glue, or adhesives on drywall (sheet rock) or paneling. Contact paper or wallpaper may not be used on the walls of your apartment. A total of 3-5 nail holes per wall is considered acceptable. More nail holes will result in charges upon checkout. Do not hang personal belongings (light strings, textiles, etc.) from the sprinkler heads or lines in the unit. Damage to the sprinkler heads or lines may cause the sprinkler to discharge resulting in significant water damage to the unit. Damage to the sprinkler heads, lines, or the unit as a result of such an action will be the responsibility of the tenant.

Laundry Facilities

Washer/dryer hookups are installed in the West Side Houses and McIntosh Court. Tenants in the remaining apartment complexes are offered washer/dryer facilities within their apartment area at no additional cost.

Tenants should use laundry facilities at their scheduled time. Tenants are expected to follow the established laundry schedule. Tenants are responsible for reporting any unauthorized usage by non-tenants. To prevent theft and unauthorized use, laundry rooms should be kept locked at all times. Tenant’s front door key will unlock that building’s laundry room door.

Please help us maintain the laundry rooms - dispose of your garbage, clean up messes, clean out lint traps in dryers, etc. Personal belongings left in laundry rooms will be thrown away.

When a washer or dryer is out of order in the laundry room, please complete the following steps:

  • Put an “Out of Order” sign on the machine not working so other tenants do not attempt to use it.
  • Report the problem by utilizing the posted QR code and indicate which machine is out of order and what you believe is wrong with it.

Mail Service

  • Mailboxes are in clusters in all complexes except the Westside Houses which have their own individual mailboxes. Typically, the previous tenant will leave the mailbox keys in the apartment for your use.
  • If no keys are left, please contact the Post Office (586-1508) to arrange to have your box rekeyed. If you would like your mailbox rekeyed, you must do so within 2 weeks of your move in date. You can find an address verification form on the housing portal as your proof of residence.
  • If you need an additional key cut, you may do so anywhere that cuts keys.
  • If the door of your mailbox is jammed, call the Post Office at 406-586-1508.
  • If you find a key in your mailbox, this means you have a package waiting for you in the parcel locker within your mailbox cluster. Use the key to open the locker, retrieve your package, and leave the key in the lock.
  • For further questions, please contact the Post Office at 406-586-1508 or go to 2201 Baxter Lane.

Mechanical Work

Major overhauls, defined as mechanical work on vehicles other than tune ups, are not permitted in campus parking lots. Vehicles inoperable for longer than two weeks must be removed from University Student Housing lots. Abandoned vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Moving Out

60 days’ notice, a clean apartment in good repair, and return of keys on moving day are essential elements to successfully vacating your unit.

Listed below is the procedure for moving out of University Student Housing Apartments:

  1. The tenant must give 60 days’ notice of intent to vacate. Failure to do so will result in rent charges beyond the time you plan to vacate (no less than 60 days). At the time notice is given at the office, tenants will also:
    1. Establish appointments for pre-assessment and check-out
    2. Be provided with check-out guidelines
  2. The dwelling, equipment, and furniture shall be in good order (allowing for “reasonable” wear) and cleaned according to specifications noted on the Check-Out Guidelines before the tenant leaves.
  3. On the date of termination, the tenant must be completely moved out and ready to turn in keys at the check-out appointment time.
  4. Charges for any damages, missing articles, cleaning, or driving/parking on the lawn and/or sidewalks will be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit. If damage and/or cleaning charges should exceed the deposit, tenants will be billed. A hold will be placed on transcripts until payment is received. Charges are an estimate. You will be charged the actual amount for cleaning, labor, and materials.


The Apartments community publishes “On the HORIZON,” a monthly newsletter containing useful information including updated policy items, announcements, pertinent articles, events, etc. The newsletter is the most immediate method of communicating information (including rent and policy changes) to tenants. Therefore, tenants are responsible for all information outlined in the newsletter. The newsletter is delivered via email each month, year-round. If you have any contributions to the newsletter, please reach out to your Community Director.

Parking: Camper, trailer, boats, etc.

Long flatbed trailers, snowmobile and boat trailers, campers, and other oversized vehicles are not permitted to park in University Student Housing Apartments at any time. They are also not permitted anywhere on campus. For more details call University Parking Services at 406-994-1723.

Parking: Guests

We provide temporary visitor parking passes for your guests, free of charge, in our office. The tenant or a household member must be the one to pick up the parking pass. You will need to provide the license plate number, make and model of the vehicle, and how long your guest is staying. Your visitor cannot have outstanding tickets nor be eligible for a regular campus parking tag. Please note that if you are using these passes excessively, we have the right to refuse to issue you another pass. Visitor Parking passes cannot be issued for tenants’ own vehicles. All areas on campus require a parking tag, with the exception of 30-minute parking stalls.

Play and Recreation Areas

Play areas and playground equipment are provided for tenants to enjoy. Playgrounds are not supervised, and the University assumes no responsibility for misuse or injury. Tenants are asked to immediately report any equipment in need of repair to University Student Housing Apartments. All play areas close at 9:00 p.m. nightly.

Preventative Maintenance

  1. Ranges: Please do not place aluminum foil under the stove-top elements or oven elements. The extensive heat build-up can cause damage to the stove. The entire exterior of the stove should be cleaned with soapy water and degreaser where needed. Please do not use oven cleaner on any aluminum surface. Self-cleaning ovens should not be cleaned with an oven cleaning product. If cleaning products are used on a self-cleaning oven, a charge will result.
  2. Drains and Toilets: Clogged kitchen and bathroom drains are typically caused by grease and soap build-up. This is especially true in Grant Chamberlain units. Never pour grease or food down the drain. Grease should be poured into a tin can and disposed of in the trash bin and food should be disposed of into the trash. If you notice your drains are draining slowly, please notify us immediately so that we can dispatch a plumber to rectify the situation. If a toilet is clogged, first try to clear the blockage with a plunger. If you are unable to clear the clog using a plunger, call us right away to place a work order. Do not use any type of chemical dispenser in the toilet tank as the tank may crack. Caustic chemicals are not permitted because they cause damage to pipes and fixtures. Baby wipes and feminine hygiene products should never be flushed down the toilet.
  3. Refrigerators: To keep your refrigerator cooling properly, it should be cleaned occasionally, inside, and out, with soapy water. Pull refrigerator out from the wall to clean the back side and the accumulated dirt under the unit. On single door refrigerators, always defrost the freezing compartment when frost is approximately one inch thick. Thick frost prevents the freezer from working well. Do not use sharp instruments to remove frost and ice. By removing ice in this manner, the interior shell of the freezer may be damaged, which will result in a charge. Upon check out, ensure the refrigerator is clean and sanitized in accordance with the cleaning bill provided.
  4. Showers: When using the shower, keep the shower curtain inside the tub. Water puddles on the bathroom floor may ruin the floor tiles and/or leak into the unit below. Please do not use adhesive rubber tub grips as they are extremely difficult to remove. Rather, use a removable rubber bathmat. Shower curtains must be used. Tenants will be charged to repair flooring and sheet rock if excess water causes damage to flooring and wall surfaces. When showering, always use the installed vent fan to help remove the steam. Excessive steam build up can lead to mold and/or mildew. Leave the bathroom door open after showering as a secondary way of steam removal.
  5. Refunds: After deductions for any unpaid rent, cleaning, damages, and other University charges, the University will refund any unused portion of the monthly rent/deposit. State of Montana refunds typically take 6-8 weeks to process and will be mailed to your new address. Refunds are not typically given to tenants who vacate their apartment without providing 60 days’ notice.


Single stream recycling bins are located next to most dumpsters. Most plastics, aluminum, carboard, newspapers, magazines, etc. are acceptable in these bins. Prohibited items include glass, light bulbs, plastic bags, and pizza boxes – please note the prohibited items on the bins. We appreciate your help in helping us move forward with sustainability efforts.

Repair and Service Procedure

If an item in your apartment is in need of repair, call us. Do not make your own repairs to any item within or outside the unit. Your request will be logged, and an appropriate maintenance person will come to your apartment to correct the problem, usually within seven working days. The maintenance person will always knock before entering and will leave a note on the inside of your front door to let you know what action was taken if you are not home. Some maintenance problems may not occur during normal working hours. If the repair requires immediate attention (i.e. broken water pipe, broken window, etc.), contact our on-call team immediately.


Solicitation is not allowed. If you are approached, please call University Police at 994-2121. Political campaigning is allowed on Montana State property as long as individuals are not violating University policies.


Please do not remove sprinklers from designated areas. Waterspouts attached to units are domestic water and satisfactory for individuals to play in. All other exterior water sources are non-potable water; individuals should NOT play in this water.

Utility Information

Fox, Glacier, Gopher, and South 15th: The main water shut-off valve is located in the water heater closet about two feet above the floor just inside the door.

To reset the breaker switch on the electrical breaker box, push the switch hard to the extreme “off” position and then turn it to the extreme “on” position. Should the breaker switch go off again, call the University Student Housing Office. The breaker box is located in the following locations depending on the unit:

  • For Branegan Court, the electrical breaker box is located in the hallway outside of the bathroom.
  • For McIntosh Court, the electrical breaker box is located outside the bedrooms at the top of the stairs.
  • For the Westside Houses, the electrical breaker box is located in a bedroom closet.
  • For Paisley Court, the electrical breaker box is located immediately upon entry in the hallway.
  • For West Julia Martin, the electrical breaker box is located in the hallway outside of the bathroom.
  • For Peter Koch and Nelson Story Towers, the electrical breaker box is located in the laundry room.
  • For Grant Chamberlain, the electrical breaker box is located on the bathroom wall.

Vehicle Engine Heaters

It is important that only heavy-duty, underwriter-approved cords be used for the heaters. Engine heaters blow out fuses in block-wide sections when improper cords are used. Regular extension cords are not safe, neither are multi-plug adaptors. Most outlets are controlled by thermostats, so they are only activated by colder temperatures (approximately 20 degrees). Engine heaters at 112-119 Julia Martin and Grant Chamberlain are on thermostats. Branegan, Paisley, and McIntosh have mini breakers on the posts. Make sure all heater cords are off sidewalks and keep cords close to outlets, so the grounds crew does not plow them over. To facilitate snow removal for units east of South 15th, please do not run cords over sidewalks.


Waterbeds are not permitted.

Yard sales

Yard sales are permitted but are restricted to an individual’s yard. Please curtail traffic congestion and do not allow people to drive on the lawns. Please remove all signs from University property at the conclusion of your sale.

ResNet Acceptable Use Policy