Join the Community Council!

Feel like giving more to your community? Family & Graduate Housing is seeking candidates to run in our Comminity Council election! For more information on running for Community Council and what your responsibilities will be, visit our Community Council page.


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Be  a Good Neighbor

“Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.” – Brian Solis

  • Look up when you’re walking, smile, say hi, wave hello
  • Introduce yourself and learn others’ names
  • Spruce up – take pride in your home and community, clean up, plant flowers
  • Spend time in your community – hang out in your yard, go to the park, attend community activities, participate in the community garden, strike up a conversation with a neighbor
  • Pick up litter
  • Be mindful of your neighbors: remember quiet hours, stick to your laundry time, etc.
  • Welcome new families
  • Lend a helping hand: shovel snow for someone, hold a door open, hold the elevator
  • Invite someone over to share a meal
  • Watch out for neighborhood children by driving slowly and cautiously
  • Seek to understand one another
  • Address concerns or issues directly with your neighbor – don’t let a problem fester and escalate.