Summer 2023 Housing

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To be eligible to reside in the residence halls, the student must be enrolled as a student of the University while taking at least 1 summer class (3 credits), enrolled in a Gallatin College Workforce Development Program, or employed as a student employee with MSU Bozeman.

If you require accommodations for less than 4 weeks, do not meet the credit or employment requirement, please contact Conference Services at 406-994-6583.


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The summer housing hall is a co-ed residence hall providing updated and modern amenities for the on-campus population. 

Apply for Summer 2023 Housing online, here!

Hannon Hall


  • Summer 2023 rooms will be assigned as single or double occupancy rooms - Limited single room availability
  • Large lobby area located on the first floor
  • Community laundry rooms
  • Public kitchen 
  • Multiple areas throughout the building for community building and social lounge space

In your room, you will find the following furnishings: extra-long twin bed, closet, trash can, desk, and chair.

Students are expected to keep MSU Student Housing furniture in their room and it must be in the same condition at the end of the term as it was at the beginning of the term when the student moved in.

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Other Considerations

There are other items you might want to bring with you, including:

Desk Items:

Multi-outlet plug-in strip, envelopes, stamps, highlighters, stapler and staples, rubber bands, paper clips, poster tack, markers, binders, paper, stationery, post-its, tape, glue, pushpins, note cards, safety pins, desk lamp, pencil holder, pencil sharpener, writing utensils, 3-hole punch, ruler, scissors, calculator, calendar.

Shower Items:

Shower shoes, bathroom caddy, toothbrush, toothbrush holder, toothpaste, soap, bar soap container, shampoo, conditioner, shaving kit, cosmetics, deodorant, bathrobe.

Laundry Items:

Laundry basket/bag, detergent, softener, bleach, Woolite, dryer sheets, hangers, drying rack, iron/clothes steamer, ironing board.


Towels, wash cloths, blankets, sheets, pillows.


Microwave (must be UL-Approved; max 900 watts), mini refrigerator (up to 4.5 cubic feet), coffee maker, speakers, computer, printer, fan, alarm clock, water filter, floor lamp, blow dryer, curling iron.


Pictures, yearbook, wall decorations, rugs, favorite books, music, video games, movies, strands of lights, plants, camera, planner, temporary shelving, keepsakes, boots, waterproof jacket, athletic equipment, windshield scraper, dishes, silverware, water bottle, medicine, batteries, storage bins, furniture, posters, sewing kit, packing tape, first aid kit, food, umbrella, stress ball, tool kit, cards/dice/board games, extension cords.

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Meal Plans

Meal plans for Summer 2023 are not required. Summer School students have the option to purchase a commuter meal plan with Culinary Services. This option will be available for sign up starting May 2023. 

To see more information about MSU Culinary Services Commuter Meal Plans and/or sign up for a meal plan, please visit




Summer 2023 Housing Rates


Term Session Single Room Rate Double Room Rate

4-week session

(May 14 - June 10)

(June 11 - July 8)

(July 9 - August 5)

$578.49 $443.49

6-week session

(May 14 - June 24)

(June 25 - August 5)

$870.67 $665.67

8-week session

(June 11 - August 5)

$1,162.85 $887.85

12-week session

(May 14 - August 5)

Must be consecutive 12 weeks

$1,747.21 $1,332.21

Farrier session

(May 7 - July 29)

$1,747.21 $1,332.21


(May 16 - July 29)

$1,559.38 $1,189.38

Full Summer Contract

(May 13 - Aug 20)

For students with active Spring 2023 and 2023-2024 housing applications only

$2,081.13 $1,586.13

Interim Housing

(August 5 - August 20)

For active Summer 2023 students whose session ends on August 5 and have an active 2023-2024 housing application only

$328.05 $253.05

Summer 2023 Housing Dates are subject to change based on the 2023-2024 academic year calendar.

Summer Housing fees are inclusive of room, ResNet, and RHA Social Fee. Meal plans are not required during Summer 2023.

All residence halls have a $15 Social Fee (reflected in above rates) established by the Residence Hall Association, which is assessed in conjunction with room and board payments each semester. The Social Fee is assessed to every student living in the residence halls and is nonrefundable. Summer Housing fees include ResNet Internet service.

Summer Housing fees will be billed in full to the student's MyInfo account. Summer Housing fees are expected to be paid by the MSU Fee Deadline with the Office of Student Accounts. 


Summer Staff


Resident Advisor

The Summer Resident Advisor (RA) facilitates and promotes a positive community within the residence halls. RAs are peer “helpers” and assist in the growth and development of students as well as assisting them in maximizing their college experience. RAs serve as a liaison between the University Student Housing and University Food Services administration and students in the residence halls. Summer RAs have a great deal of administrative responsibilities and deal with an extremely diverse and transitory population. Short-term community development efforts are a focus in the summer due to the nature of the residents. Additionally, summer RAs have the opportunity to work the hall front desk up to 15 paid hours a week and assist with University Student Housing Tours.


Summer Conference Assistant

The Summer Conference Assistants (SCAs) are hired full time to manage the summer housing operations. SummerConference Assistants work closely with the Program Manager, Conference and Event Services staff, University Student Housing staff, and each other to ensure a high level of customer service is provided. Summer Conference Assistants are hired in February and start training one to two hours per week immediately, then work full time from May-August. There will be additional night/evening hours expected for conference check-ins, on-call duty, etc.


Summer Desk Clerk

The Desk Clerks (DCs) are student employees who work in the residence halls and summer conferencing halls helping residents and guests with anything they may need. Front desks are the hub of services and activity in each residence hall. Desk Clerks are the primary customer service agent at the desk, provide administrative support and monitor the safety and security of the building. Convenience of working where they live, fun and supportive coworkers and supervisors, and interacting with other students are the top reasons why desk clerks say they enjoy their job.