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This course covers the period from the end of WWII until the present.

Because the class examines contemporary history, it is more strongly a history of the present than other history classes. The principle goal will be to understand the US today by delving into the history of post-World War II America. The course content is roughly divided into two periods: the creation of Cold War America from 1945 to about 1970 and the Age of Fracture (as Daniel Rodgers calls it) or Great Unwinding (as George Packer labels it) from the 1970s to the present. Students will learn to apply an historic perspective to current events, to identify broad historic developments and how they evolved between 1945 and now, to interpret a variety of primary sources—textual, visual, material—within appropriate historic contexts, and to articulate their analyses, both verbally and in writing.


Meeting Place and Times



Dr. Janet Ore

"I am fascinated with post-World War II America. Partly this stems from my “babyboomer” status. But it also reflects my 25 years teaching this class and my continuing efforts to keep current on contemporary events and the latest scholarship on the period. My topics often include a specifically western American emphasis that reflects my background and education. Born and raised in Montana, I received a BA in history from Carroll College, an MA from Washington State University, and a PhD from the University of Utah, all in history. My particular expertise is in vernacular architectural history and historic preservation, and this impels me to use material stuff—houses, artifacts, exhibits-- for evidence in my presentations."



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