The Mechanical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering Technology CADD lab provides a modern facility for instruction in a variety of computer software packages.  A small sampling of software presently supported includes: 

  • Pro-Engineer, Solidworks, and AutoCAD for computer aided design and drafting; 
  • Ansys, Pro-Mechanica and Cosmos for finite element analysis, 
  • Rhinoceros for 3-D modeling and CAM interfacing; 
  • Mathcad, Matlab, Excel, and Maple for mathematical analysis; 
  • Working Model for kinematic analysis, 
  • LabVIEW for Instrumentation, Measurement and Control
  • the Microsoft Office Suite for Word Processing, Graphing, Database Management, etc,
  • various other applications

The CADD lab houses 36 networked computers running Windows software. Standard and large-format laser printers support the laboratory. This heavily used instructional laboratory supplements the adjacent Design Lab which shares nearly all software applications.

For more information on Mechanical Engineering at Montana State University, send a request via Email or write to:

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