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The field of Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) is concerned primarily with the practical application of engineering knowledge to support engineering activities. The mechanical engineering technologist provides the professional expertise needed to transform the results of engineering endeavors into useful products and services. Working in this very broad field, the mechanical engineering technologist is a versatile and skilled practician. The MET has responsibility for making engineering come to life in the form of products, tools, systems and devices.

There are many career possibilities for MET graduates. The MET can be the professional who designs parts, directs the setup and operation of manufacturing equipment, handles inspections, and analyzes & solves production problems. Solving specific engineering or manufacturing challenges through the design of components, systems, manufacturing fixtures & tooling is a task for which an MET grad is well-suited. Many MET's are involved in the specification of equipment  and design of systems for heating/ventilation/air conditioning components in building systems.

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The MET often works between the craftsman and the engineer. He or she differs from the craftsman by having detailed knowledge of the scientific and engineering theory behind the operation, and differs from the mechanical engineer by having intimate knowledge of the technical and fabrication procedures required for the production of goods and services.

With this useful skill-set the technologist often moves into first-line supervisory positions. METs are ideally suited to get involved as a critical team member of startup companies.

Mechanical Engineering Technology graduates employed in the field engage in problem-solving activities using applied methods. They utilize effective communication techniques and are key members of multidisciplinary professional teams.

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MET grads engage in life-long learning activities, and some attend graduate school. MET's contribute to industry and society through service activities and professional organizations; they fulfill their responsibilities ethically, and they enjoy good opportunities for advancement in their profession. 

Mechanical Engineering Technology provides an educational experience that is laboratory-focused, with emphasis on applications and hands-on learning. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers published a good discussion of various Mechanical Engineering career paths including MET (link.)

The Montana State University Mechanical Engineering Technology Program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,

ABET, 415 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.  Telephone: 1+406-347-7700.


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