The broad field of Mechanical Engineering Technology deals with applying and implementing various Mechanical engineering technologies in support of engineering activities. The MET's mission is to provide technical expertise and a practical engineering approach needed to implement the results of scientific and engineering endeavors and create useful products, systems, and services. An MET is the professional who can produce designs from the conceptual phase through analysis, modeling, prototype development and implementation. An MET may guide the setup and operation of manufacturing equipment, perform quality control inspections, analyze production problems, and/or manage the implementation of product or project improvement.

The demand for the engineering technologist in general, and METs in particular, has been strong and growing, and average starting salaries are very competitive with most engineering disciplines. Indications are that this trend will continue. MSU MET graduates are actively recruited, and many of our alumni hold positions of considerable responsibility in industry and government. An exceptionally varied range of career choices and directions are possible for students who choose a career in mechanical engineering technology. Some of the Career paths available include

  • machine and product design
  • product and system evaluation
  • research laboratory experimental support
  • prototype testing and evaluation
  • plant operation and management
  • energy production (includes conventional power plants, plus emerging energy alternatives such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, and others)
  • quality assurance
  • technical sales
  • manufacturing system design / enhancement
  • quality control
  • refrigeration and HVAC system design / support 
  • energy exploration

Many mechanical engineering technology graduates are employed in the power generation industry, the aviation industry, the oil industry, and at government research institutions.

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