The M&IE Department facilitates ME, MET, EFIN, and IMSE internships for qualified students to gain career-related employment experience while earning academic credit.  The Engineering Internship (EI) is a career-related full-time paid employment experience of 10-15 weeks duration. Internship assignments will normally be made for 10-15 weeks during the summer term.  Fall or spring term assignments are also possible. 

Internship students will work with professionals in their field and at a wage commensurate with the assignment level and technical ability required.  Students may complete more than one engineering internship.  They may earn a maximum of three professional elective credits.

Employer Responsibilities

Offers of internship employment including term, salary, work assignment, etc. originate with the company. Each company can use its own process to select students for engineering internships. Companies may set requirements as to academic level, grade point, etc. Selections may be made following:

  • on-campus interviews (arranged through Career Services)
  • telephone interviews
  • on-site interviews
  • on the basis of submitted resumes

Internship employers will provide:

  • a position description for each internship
  • work related to the student's major field of study at a wage commensurate with the level and ability required
  • supervision from a trained professional
  • evaluation of the student's performance at the end of the work period

The employer will provide an evaluation report to the intern and the EI coordinator documenting the student's performance. Employer evaluation reports should include employee strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement.

Student Responsibilities

Internship students will:

  • apply only to assignments for which they have a serious interest
  • perform work of professional quality and effort
  • follow company policies and procedures
  • complete all reporting requirements for employer and EI program

At a minimum, students will provide the following reports:

  • internship contract, including tasks/responsibilities assigned
  • bi-weekly progress reports
  • final report

Department Responsibilities

The M&IE Department and the engineering internship faculty coordinator will:

  • review and approve internship work for academic credit
  • register students in three credits of internship coursework
  •  monitor progress of students during work assignment
  • evaluate final report and assign grade

The M&IE Department will approve internships and work assignments based on the following criteria:

  • company must employ engineers
  • intern will work under the supervision of an engineer
  • company and EI coordinator identify/develop suitable job descriptions
  • work assignments must be of an engineering nature and consistent with education and experience of the intern
  • salary must be commensurate with work assignment

Application Requirements and Costs

Registration in Course: 

Mechanical Engineering students with internship assignments must complete the MIE Internship Paperwork  and submit it to the ME Internship coordinator, listed below, to be enrolled in EMEC 498. 

Mechanical Engineering Technology students with internship assignments must complete the MIE Internship Paperwork and submit it to the MET Internship Coordinator, listed below, to be enrolled in ETME 498.  

Financial Engineering students with internship assignments must complete the EFIN Internship Paperwork  and submit it to the EFIN Internship coordinator, listed below, to be enrolled in EFIN 498. 

The course, credit, and grade appear on the student's transcript.  Up to three passing credits may be used to fulfill a professional elective requirement in the curriculum.  

Cost: With registration in the three-credit course, associated tuition costs will apply.  Other expenses typically include: travel, rent, and damage deposits.

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