The Industrial & Management Systems Engineering (IMSE) faculty requires every student to discuss curriculum and career planning with their academic advisor.  Meetings with advisors help monitor progress towards degree and ensure that course selection aligns with degree requirements and student career aspirations.  Thus, students meet with an advisor each semester to acquire a unique PIN to register for courses the following semester.  Students are expected to use the curriculum flowsheet provided by the department to plan their program of study and create a one-semester plan in DegreeWorks for the upcoming semester prior to meeting with their advisor.  Name the DegreeWorks plan with the appropriate semester and year (e.g., Fall 2020). Advisors document the outcome of the meeting in a note in DegreeWorks and lock the student’s plan. Use the following links to access a graphical representation of the advising process, an example of a "completed" flowsheet, and a video on creating plans in DegreeWorks. 

Expedited Advising

In certain situations, students may not feel the need to meet with an advisor and just require their PIN to register for courses. To qualify, a student requesting Expedited Advising in a semester must NOT be subject to any of the following exclusion criteria:

  1. New freshmen or transfer student in their first semester
  2. Graduating senior without an approved graduation plan
  3. Junior or senior without an approved cognate
  4. An “at risk” student as identified by their advisor
  5.  Returning from academic suspension

Eligible students seeking Expedited Advising must submit their request to their advisor using the email template.  If the advisor approves the request, s/he will place a note in DegreeWorks and release the registration PIN to the student.  

Curriculum Flowsheets

The IMSE degree requirements are outlined in the MSU catalog. The IMSE curriculum flowsheet is a graphical representation of the degree requirements showing prerequisite flows over four academic years to complete the degree. Flowsheets are made available for curricular planning purposes. Use the links below to download the curriculum flowsheet for the appropriate catalog year.


The Accelerated Master of Science degree program is designed to allow qualified IMSE students and Financial Engineering (EFIN) students (EFINs must complete the Engineering Management Minor) to complete the IMSE M.S. degree requirements by extending their period of study one additional year past the traditional four-year period of undergraduate study. 

Cognate Policy

All IMSE majors must complete a 9-credit cognate as part of their program.  Click this link for details on the IMSE cognate policy

Other Useful Documents


Members of the faculty are often approached by members of industry to announce open positions that might be of interest to our students - both full time positions for soon to be graduates and summer positions for interns.

While I used to attempt to maintain a page of openings, I found that not only could I often not keep it current, but it was being utilized by students outside MSU.  I now just maintain a list of articles that I think are fairly timeless and will help you with your job search.

Tips and Tricks

  • How Recruiters Spend 6 seconds on your resume - here
  • HBR Why Culture Matters When Choosing a Job - here
  • Duke MBA Program on Successfully Job Hunting - here
  • Fast Company tips for starting out right on your first job - here

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