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Science courses



Earth Science


                   *(Required for MSSE degree, but not limited to MSSE students) 

Land Resourses and Environmental Sciences



Plant Sciences


Education Core courses

Required courses for science educators enrolled in MSSE only*

Education, Curriculum & Instruction

                         *(Required of program, not limited to MSSE students)

          Instructors (3 sections):

         Jessi Anderson (CRN# 23257),  John Graves (CRN#23258), Walt Woolbaugh (CRN#23256)

          Instructors (3 sections):
          Jessi Anderson (CRN# 23944),  John Graves (CRN#23259), Walt Woolbaugh (CRN#23260) 

MSSE graduate students, please note:

For MSSE 504 & 509, be sure to choose the section with your advising instructor using the CRN number that will be provided when registration is open. 


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Teacher Quotes

                 It may seem odd, but unique friendships are created with people on-line. The collaboration with some of the finest science educators across the world everyday makes the MSSE distance learning courses very unique as well as rewarding. ~Washington Teacher

                                  MSSE allows you to network with like-minded people across the country. So often, teachers are lone warriors. This network allows you to ask questions of knowledgeable people in your field, anytime, anywhere.