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The non-teaching minor in Native American Studies is designed to enhance the student's major area of study, offering an interdisciplinary program for Indians and non-Indians who wish to concentrate in the study of Native American Life or who are preparing for careers in tribal affairs or other Indian-related professional employment.

Students who declare a minor in Native American Studies must complete 21 credits as outlined below:

NASX 105D Introduction to Native American Studies 3
NASX 232D MT Indian Culture, History, Current Issues 3
NASX 476 Federal Indian Law and Policy 3
NASX Electives 12
Total Credits 21


At least 9 credits must be in upper division courses (300 and 400 level), and at least 10 credits must be earned at Montana State University. Electives are to be selected in consultation with the minor adviser. NASX 490R Undergraduate ResearchNASX 492 Independent Study and/or NASX 498 Internship/Cooperative Educ may be included among the electives. However, no more than four (4) semester credits (equivalent quarter hours or combination of semester and quarter hours) of NASX 492 Independent Study and/or NASX 290R Undergraduate Research/NASX 490R Undergraduate Research and no more than four (4) semester credits of NASX 498 Internship/Cooperative Educ may be included in the minor program. Transfer credits or credits earned in related courses offered in other departments may be included in the student's program, upon approval of NAS departmental certifying officer.

Any student wishing a minor in Native American Studies must file an "Application for a Non-teaching Minor" with the Registrar's Office a minimum of two terms prior to graduation. Please come to the Department of Native American studies to meet with a minor adviser to complete this form.

Undergraduate Courses

*(Course offerings are subject to change and vary from term to term. Please check the current catalog and schedule of classes for more up-to-date information.)

NASX 105D Introduction to Native American Studies 3
NASX 205D Native Americans Contemporary Society 3
NASX 232D MT Indian Culture, History, Current Issues 3
NASX 239 Native North American History through Art and Material Culture 3
NASX 290R Undergraduate Research 1-8
NASX 292 Independent Study 1-3
NASX 294R Seminar/Workshop 1-2
NASX 304 Native American Belief & Philosophy 3
NASX 310 Native Cultures of North America 3
NASX 340 Native American Literature 3
NASX 360 Native Americans and Cinema 3
NASX 405 Gender Issues in Native American Studies 3
NASX 415 Native Food Systems 3
NASX 430 American Indian Education 3
NASX 440 Montana Indian Literature 3
NASX 450 History of American Indians 3
NASX 476 Federal Indian Law and Policy 3
NASX 490R Undergraduate Research 1-6
NASX 490Z Undergraduate Research 1-6
NASX 491 Special Topics 1-4
NASX 492 Independent Study 1-3
NASX 494 Seminar 1
NASX 498 Internship/Cooperative Education 2-12


Contact the Department

For further information regarding the program, contact Native American Studies at (406) 994-3881 or  email  

For prerequisites and semester offered, please consult the most current MSU catalog and/or semester schedule of classes. Some courses are offered by restricted entry and require a formal proposal for admission.