Native Dancers

"Education is your greatest weapon."

Chief Plenty Coups (Apsáalooke)

Our Department

The Department of Native American Studies was established to provide and advance quality education for and about American Indians of Montana, the region, and the nation. In fulfilling this mission, the Department is committed to meeting the changing needs of Montana's Indian tribes and all Montana citizens through excellence in teaching, research, and service.

In its academic programs, the Department provides concentrated study through the undergraduate minor, the online graduate certificate in Native American Studies, and the Master of Arts degree in Native American Studies.

Students in any major can also gain a multicultural perspective through NAS offerings in the University's core curriculum. Through its research and other creative efforts, the Department actively pursues interdisciplinary scholarship in the field of Native American Studies.

Cultural Crossroads– Past, Present, and Future

MSU is located near a major traditional crossroads for Plains and Plateau Native nations, a meeting place where these nations historically congregated to trade, celebrate and negotiate.

Today, that tradition is continued through MSU’s nationally recognized commitment to Native students- their education, communities and nations- through the exchange of ideas.

A Home Away from Home

Through our resources and academic support services for Native Students, we hope to empower students to make the most of their education here at MSU. The Department of NAS is committed to supporting opportunities for community building, collaborative scholarship and providing a home away from home for both Native Students and their allies. Learn more about our resources for Native Students.

Core Values– Rooted in Tradition

The NAS Department’s longstanding commitment to students, communities and nations- Native and non-native alike- has helped craft our Core Values. These foundational values cut across various traditions and guide the work throughout our department.