Go to the Web and Say Ahh!Quality Information Resources for Improved Health and Well-Being

Gail Kouame, MLS, Consumer Health Librarian, NNLM/PNR, University of Washington

This webinar focuses on where to find quality health information resources on the internet. You will find out about some great starting places for health and wellness information, as well as, how to prepare for interacting with your health care provider. Having the right information is one of the best first steps to managing your health and well-being. It is important for people to become self-advocates when dealing with health issues. Learn how to find the appropriate answers to your burning health questions.

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The Nocebo Effect: How Ageism Creates Barriers to Well-Being

Kay Van Norman, MS, Founder & Director, Brilliant Aging

As an internationally known author, speaker and leader in the field of older adult wellness, Kay Van Norman brings over 20 years experience in working with seniors and health. In this session, she will outline how ageism creates a "Nocebo Effect" (will do harm), which influences what adults believe is probably and possible as they age. She will then describe how reframing aging can positively impact health beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes, and provide three practical strategies to begin neutralizing the Nocebo Effect.

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Small Steps to Health & Tasty Eating

Lynn Paul, EdD, RD, Extension Nutrition Specialist & Professor, Montana State University Extension Service

Dr. Paul has been enjoying her work with MSU Extension for over 18 years on her favorite topics: the power of nutrition and strategies for successfully making healthy changes in nutrition. Lynn will highlight the Powers of Nutrition: 5 Key Points and then provide easy to understand strategies on how to make healthy nutrition behavior changes. In addition, she will provide 4 practical strategies to improve health that have received a "stamp of approval" from Montana men and women!

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Active Living: The Path to Health and Well-Being

Cathy Costakis, MS, Physical Activity Coordinator, Montana Nutrition & Physical Activity Program, Montana State University

Cathy Costakis is passionate about promoting active lifestyles to improve health and quality of life for people at any age but particularly enjoys working with older adults. During this webinar, you will learn about the new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and how they specifically relate to you as well as the practical ways to include physical activity into your daily life. Cathy will talk about how to work in your own community to improve the options available for safe, accessible, and pleasant places to be physically active.

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Health & Wealth: Improving Your Health Through Smart $ Management

Deborah Haynes, PhD, Associate Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences, Montana State University

Dr. Haynes is originally from Hysham, MT. She is a professor at Montana State University and teaches courses on personal finances. She believes health care begins with having enough resources to take care of one's health. In this session, Dr. Haynes will talk about having the financial resources to take care of your health. Topics such as boosting income, keeping track of finances, getting professional help with finances, filing and tracking medical expenses with Medicare and insurance companies, and avoiding fraud will be discussed.

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