Instrument Overview

The PRQ2000 contains 15 (positively worded) items to tap the level of perceived social support and does not contain a section to estimate interpersonal resources. The total score is calculated by summing all items with scores ranging from 15 to 105 with higher scores indicating more support. The scale appears to have three underlying dimensions. The inter-item and item-to-total correlations indicated that fifteen items should be retained. The estimates of internal consistency for the two sub-samples and for six additional data sets were strong. The PRQ2000 correlated in the anticipated direction and strength with mental health indicators.

PRQ2000 Results

The following tables represent the results from the Personal Resource Questionnaire 2000. (PRQ2000). The PRQ2000 measures social support and consists of 15 questions with answers ranging from 1-7. Participants were all women between the ages of 35-65 who had a chronic illness and lived in a rural location (25 miles outside a town of 12,500 or more).

Study participants were divided into three groups:

  • Moderated Intervention: received online training and moderated chat groups
  • Unmoderated Intervention: received online training only
  • Control Group: no intervention

Values calculated for the six times were:

  • Mean
  • Standard Deviation (s.d.)
  • Group Size (N)
  • Alpha (a)
PRQ Means

* Final data has not been collected for Time 6

More Information on the PRQ2000

If you would like further information concerning the PRQ2000, you may view chapter 13 of the following book:

Weinert, C. (2003). Measuring social support: PRQ2000. In O. Strickland & C. DiIorio (Eds.),Measurement of nursing outcomes: Vol. 3. Self care and coping (pp. 161-172). New York: Springer.

Copyright by Springer Publishing Company Inc., New York 10012.

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This book may be purchased from: Springer Publishing, 536 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. The price is $49.95 ($54.80 outside the US)

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