In response to the Montana Board of Regents policy 303.3 on Program Review, Montana State University has established the following process for conducting reviews, which are conducted with either internal or external reviewers.

Reviews are generally conducted at the departmental level.  The scope is not limited to degree and certificate programs and includes the full range of departmental activities.  The purpose of broadening the reviews beyond the BOR requirements is to provide useful feedback to colleges and departments and, especially in the case of external reviews, take advantage of the external expertise and perspective provided by reviewers.

As per BOR policy, accreditation reviews are used in lieu of separate reviews where appropriate.

The review schedule for MSU-Bozeman can be found here. The schedule is updated annually.

Program Reviews

The Provost consults with the college deans to make decisions about whether internal or external reviewers will be used for the departmental reviews for each year.  Deans and Department Heads work with the Provost to identify appropriate reviewers.

Departments must prepare self-studies in advance of reviews and the teams are asked to submit final reports within a few weeks of completing their visits.  The Guidelines for Program Review provide more detail of this process.

Completed Reviews
Copies of all self-studies and final reports for MSU reviews are retained in the Provost's Office. For detailed information on reviews conducted by external accrediting bodies contact individual departments. 

Questions or Suggestions?

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