FY11-12 Membership; Updated June 2011



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Name Position Department Term# Ends
Diane Donnelly Chair University Studies - ----
Singel, David Ex officio Academic Affairs - ----
Ashley, Bonnie B Member Registrar - ----
Beck, Carina Member Career Services - ----
Boyd, Jane Member Ag Economics/Economics - ----
Burns, James Charles Member Native American Studies - ----
Clark, Jennifer Member Education - ----
Dorgan, Diane Member Admissions - ----
Gutzman, Melissa Member Nursing - ----
Haskins, Judi Member University Studies - ----
Hecox, Renee Member Civil Engineering - ----
Jagger, Tabby Member Gallatin College Programs - ----
Jencso, Jen Member Business - ----
Lane, Patricia A Member University Studies - ----
Lamb, Christine Member Business & ADC - ----
McDonald, Linda R Member Land Resources & Env Sciences - ----
Meldahl, Cindy Member Education Advising Center - ----
Miller, Vicki Member Film & Photography - ----
Nielsen-Preiss, Sheila Member Health Professions - ----
Rizzuto, Jamie Member Athletics - ----
Sherick, Heidi Marie Member Engineering - ----
Swanson, Erika Member Student Affairs - ----
Thompson, Denise Member Animal & Range Sciences - ----
Van Horn, Bill Member AFROTC - ----
Weaver, Kathleen S Member HHD Advising Center - ----
Weston, Jerri Member Registrar's Office - ----
York, Brenda Kay Member Disabilities - ----
Zajdel, Melody M Member Letters & Science - ----


  • Develop and implement long-range advising plan
  • Review faculty advising incentives
  • Assess existing advising systems and student/department needs
  • Review advisor/student ratios
  • Develop advising survey to assess student satisfaction
  • Investigate advising center model to support faculty advising
  • Conduct advising workshops (Core 2.0, new programs, minors)
  • Develop a strategy for retaining students as they change majors
  • Enhance summer undergraduate advising
  • Develop a strategy to identify students who are dropping out, or "stopping out" and intend to return to MSU, to provide information and assistance regarding re-enrollment
  • Develop a plan to inform students of their advisor assignment and contact information
  • Establish effective processes for advising and providing academic support for probationary and reinstated students
  • Develop a plan to improve transfer student advising process




Voting Members:

Faculty representatives from Agriculture, Arts & Architecture, Letters, Science, Engineering, and a representative from EHHD.

Length of Term

Faculty, classified and professional members: three years, renewable, staggered. Student member: one year, renewable.

Appointed By

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs' office from college dean nominations and those in Student Advising positions.


Current--Diane Donnelly
Title--Interim Director of Academic Advising Center
Appointed By--Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Length of Term--Term of office

Advisory To

Associate Provost

Reports Due

As requested