MSU Diversity Council

January 21, 2021

1:30-3:00 pm




Ariel Donohue- Chair

Senior Diversity and Inclusion Officer


Kimberly Anderson- All Staff Council


Marianne Brough- Division of Student Success


PJ Diamond- Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons


Liz Greenfield- Academic Diversity Partner- JJCBE


Alison Harmon-

Academic Deans


Bridget Kevane- Academic Diversity Partner- CLS


Jaharie Martin- Bobcat Athletics


Brennan Reeves- Office of International Programs


Bradford Watson- Faculty Senate


Vacant- Associated Students of MSU


Vacant – Student Diversity Representative


Vacant- Graduate Partnership


















Other Participants












I. Welcome and introductions

II. Diversity Council purpose and responsibilities

           Originated as an advisory council in 2017 because of the Diversity Inclusion framework report.


  1. Consider innovative solutions and identify successful best practices that contribute to organizational change towards increased equity and belongings;
  2. Contribute to a clear and coordinated voice for university-wide diversity, equality an inclusion issues;
  3. Provide input on short and long-term strategies related to diversity, equity and inclusion that are in alignment with the university’s strategic goals;
  4. Review information provided by units on diversity- related initiatives to monitor, access, track for evaluation and accountability of MSU’s progress towards DEI goals.

III. Diversity Council bylaws review

     Discussion regarding meeting requirements of council meetings such as posting meeting agendas, minutes, and meeting notification. Discussion of membership. Discussion of member terms. Council will vote to finalize bylaws at February meeting.

IV. Discussion of subcommittees: membership and chairs

  1. Campus Climate
    1. Marianne Brough
  2. Education and Scholarship
    1. Alison Harmon – Chair
    2. Elizabeth Greenfield
    3. Bridget Kevane
  3. Access and Success
    1. Kimberly Anderson
    2. Brennan Reeves

V. BIPOC action plan and prioritization



VI. Public comment

                Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration thank you


Next meeting: February 18, 2021 from 1:30-3:00 pm via WebEx