This award is designed to honor individuals at Montana State University who have made significant contributions to academic advising. This award will closely follow the National Academic Advising Association’s core values and the criteria for their national outstanding advising award.


To be eligible, an individual must be either a current tenure track or nontenure track faculty and have been employed at MSU- Bozeman for a minimum of three years. Not eligible are current members of the selection committee and previous winners of the award.


Office of Academic Affairs

Award Amount


Selection Criteria

• Strong interpersonal skills that include a caring, helpful attitude toward advisees, faculty, and/or staff.
• Commitment to engage in developmental advising as compared to prescriptive advising.
• Skill in guiding and supporting the student’s journey and academic development.
• Reliable and consistent availability to advisees.
• Support for student progress towards graduation and career goals.
• Demonstrated outreach and initiatives to support student success.

Nomination Materials Required

Students, faculty, administrators, and others who are knowledgeable about the individual’s advising expertise are invited to submit nominations online. Please provide the nominee’s name, department, and a brief statement as to why you feel your nominee should receive this award. Comments will be shared with the nominees. Students are especially encouraged to submit nominations. Each individual may submit one nomination. Those wishing to nominate someone who is primarily a graduate student faculty advisor should nominate that individual for the “Provost’s Award for Graduate Research/Creativity Mentoring.” Individuals who are nominated for the award will be contacted later for more information.


Shannon Patterson or Emily Edwards, Advising Commons, at [email protected] or 994.3532.