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Integration Goal: By integrating learning, discovery and engagement, and by working across disciplines, the MSU community will improve the world. MSU Target Unit Strategy Unit Objective (optional) Unit Metric Person Responsible for Success
Objective I.1: Increase the integration of learning, discovery and engagement.          
Metric I.1.1: By 2019, all graduating students will have had a substantial curricular experience that integrates learning, discovery and engagement. 100% Institute university requirement for an integrating experience. Offer credit for curricular, co-curricular or engagement experiences. Facilitate tracking of experiences through transcript or co-curricular transcript.

1. Develop criteria and SLOs for integrating experience.

2. Develop a student volunteering program.



1. Larsen


Metric I.1.2: By 2019, department role and scope documents will include substantial integration of learning, discovery, and engagement. 100% Include during role and scope reviews and revisions.

1. Develop university-level guidance on the expectations of integration by 2014.

2. Accomplish inclusion of integration in departmental role and scope documents for retention, tenure and promotion by 2015.

Metric I.1.3: By 2019, community-based research projects will increase by 50%. Increase 50% (baseline not determined) Develop community-based research, including Community Based Participatory Research.

1. Increase the number of undergraduate and graduate students conducting applicable research in community problem solving.

2. Identify appropriate structure to identify and provide information on opportunities and track progress.

3. Use alumni, Extension, MSU campuses, State agencies, Local Government Center to identify community projects.

4. Improve visibility and create impact and outcomes.

Metric I.1.4: By 2019, faculty scholarly products with undergraduate and graduate students will increase 50%. Increase 50% (baseline not determined) Develop faculty activity reporting tracking systems, require input and use for institutional reporting.     Singel
Metric I.1.4    Provide Graduate School professional development funds for graduate student travel to scholarly meetings.     Grad Dean
 Metric I.1.4   Provide Undergraduate professional development funds for undergraduates to travel to scholarly meetings.     Singel
 Metric I.1.4   Host more national conferences at MSU.   Bid to host 2015/2016 NCUR. Provost
Objective I.2: Increase work across disciplines.          
Metric I.2.1: By 2019, the number of students completing interdisciplinary programs will increase 30%. Increase 30% (baseline not determined) Create new interdisciplinary programs that leverage other strategic priorities.     Provost
Metric I.2.2: By 2019, MSU will increase interdisciplinary research and creative projects on campus. Increase (baseline not determined) Hire interdisciplinary and crossdepartment/college faculty.

1. Review and refine joint appointment language.

2. Encourage culture of respect in annual reviews and tenure and promotion for joint appointments.

3. Develop clear expectations of joint appointment criteria including non-department entities (i.e., Research Centers, Institutes, WWAMI).