Research Expenditures


Research Expenditures -- Funds spent to conduct research.

Parallel Credit


Parallel credit to a center/Institute for contribution towards a project, in tandem with credit to PIs/co-PIs' home organization(s).


F&A Reinvestment

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VPRED F&A reinvestment of indirect costs recovered from sponsors to departments, colleges and centers/institutes.


Incentive Program
for Researchers (IPR)


MSU has developed the Incentive Program for Researchers (IPR) to encourage more grant activity on campus and to allow faculty to receive an annual financial incentive payment.


Institutional Research and Development (IRD)

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Faculty members who serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) who include and pay Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) salaries from OSP funding sources with F&As will be eligible to receive a percentage return from the VPRED. Under the IRD program PIs will receive 20% of the F&A generated by expenditures in GRA account codes 61127 and 61127A per semester up to a maximum of $10,000.


Leave Pool

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The Sick/Vacation Leave pool is active.


Leave Pool Q&A Session (Watch & Learn)