Updated as of 3/29/21 @ 09:15am

Fall Move-In Weekend is scheduled between Saturday, August 21 - Tuesday, August 24, 2021. More information will be sent out later.

Sign-Up Process 

All students are required to sign-up for a move-in time unless they have signed up for an early arrival program that they are supposed to move into the residence halls prior to Saturday, August 21. Students should visit the website below to select their day and time for their move-in.

Please Note:

  • Each student will have 2-hours to move into their room
  • If students need to cancel or change their move-in time, they need to contact Residence Life at 406-994-2661 or [email protected] to discuss their change.
  • If students are not part of an early arrival program, but need to request arrival prior to Saturday, August 21, they need to complete an Early Arrival Request form found in the Housing Portal.

Fall Move-In Weekend sign-up will begin on June 1, 2021

Residence Hall Webinars

Residence Life in partnership with the Bobcat Parent & Family Program will host live webinars/presentations with information about fall housing, fall move-in information, and additional items for parents and students to hear about. More information about registration for these webinars will be announced later this spring.

Health and Safety Expectations

The Residence Life staff has been working closely with MSU, county, and state officials to evaluate all aspects of campus housing and required adjustments in our physical environments. We will continue to work with our partners to develop mitigation strategies for all of our residents moving into the residence halls. In an effort to provide a safe and streamlined process for everyone as they move-in, Residence Life is asking that all students and families abide by the expectations laid out below for the move-in process:

  • All students and family members are required to wear a mask when they enter the residence halls. Many of our hall lobbies and public spaces do not allow for 6-feet of social distancing and we are asking for your assistance in wearing a mask. If you do not have a mask, MSU will have masks for students and family members upon their arrival to campus.
  • All students are limited to 2 family members or guests in the building. This does not limit the number of additional family members or guests outside of the building, but in an effort to limit the number of people in the buildings, we will be enforcing the guest and visitor policy upon entry to the building.
  • MSU will be placing various markers on the ground identifying specific spots to either wait for an elevator or wait for service at our front desks. We ask that all students and family members abide by the markers on the ground to provide for ample space between individuals in and around our buildings.
  • MSU staff will be wiping down all move-in carts in between each individuals use of the carts with disinfectant wipes. Custodial staff will also be wiping down elevator cars, button, and all other touch surfaces throughout the residence hall on a regular basis.
  • All volunteers will be stationed outside of the residence halls at proper social distances to assist students and families with questions or concerns they may have with regards to the move-in process.

Traffic and Parking

MSU is currently working on all of the logistics with regards to traffic and parking arrangements in and around the MSU campus. As soon as traffic maps and parking maps have been developed, they will be posted on this page for students and families to gain a better sense of what to expect navigating around campus during the move-in process.

All students and families that drive to campus will be expected to place a temporary move-in parking credential on their vehicle dashboard when parking  on campus. The parking credential can be dowloaded from this page or will be sent to all students and parents in an email later this summer.

Ship Personal Belongings

Residence Life is asking students and families to consider shipping personal belongings and items to their specific residence hall ahead of time to reduce the amount of items that are needed to move into the building during the move-in process. All personal belongings, packages, and orders shipped to the residence halls should plan to arrive on or after Monday, August 16, 2021.


Mailing Addresses:

Hannon, Hapner, Johnstone, Langford, Mullan, Quads

          Student's Name
          100 (Hall Name) (Room Number)
          Bozeman, MT 59715

Headwaters, Hyalite, North Hedges, Roskie, South Hedges, Yellowstone

          Student's Name
          200(Hall Name) (Room Number)
          Bozeman, MT 59715

Check-In Process

We realize that moving into the residence halls is a new and exciting time in your life. When you arrive at your assigned residence hall, Residence Life staff members (including Resident Advisors, Resident Directors, and Program Coordinators) will be waiting to help you through the administrative processes necessary to get your room key. Staff members train prior to your arrival to ensure you have a positive transition.

  • Students will need either their CatCard or barcode image that will be emailed to them later in July

In your room, you will find the following furnishings: extra long twin bed (regular twin beds are furnished in the Quads and Roskie Hall), closet, trash can, desk, and chair.

What To Bring

Students are expected to keep MSU Residence Life furniture in their room and it must be in the same condition at the end of the year as it was at the beginning of the year when the student moved in. 

Desk Items:

Multi-outlet plug-in strip, envelopes, stamps, highlighters, stapler and staples, rubber bands, paper clips, poster tack, markers, binders, paper, stationery, post-its, tape, glue, pushpins, note cards, safety pins, desk lamp, pencil holder, pencil sharpener, writing utensils, 3-hole punch, ruler, scissors, calculator, calendar.

Shower Items:

Shower shoes, bathroom caddy, toothbrush, toothbrush holder, toothpaste, soap, bar soap container, shampoo, conditioner, shaving kit, cosmetics, deodorant, bathrobe.

Laundry Items:

Laundry basket/bag, detergent, softener, bleach, Woolite, dryer sheets, hangers, drying rack, iron/clothes steamer, ironing board.


Towels, wash cloths, blankets, sheets, pillows.


Microwave (must be UL-Approved), mini refrigerator (up to 4.5 cubic feet), coffee maker, CD player, speakers, DVD player, HD television, computer, printer, fan, alarm clock, water filter, hot pot, floor lamp, blow dryer, curling iron. MicroFridge Information can be found on the Residence Life website.


Pictures, yearbook, wall decorations, rugs, favorite books, music, video games, movies, strands of lights, plants, camera, planner, temporary shelving, keepsakes, boots, waterproof jacket, athletic equipment, windshield scraper, dishes, silverware, water bottle, medicine, batteries, storage bins, furniture, posters, sewing kit, packing tape, first aid kit, food, umbrella, stress ball, tool kit, cards/dice/board games, extension cords.

Ski & Bike Lockers

For those students that live in Yellowstone, Hyalite, or Hapner Halls only, you have the ability to rent a ski locker and/or a spot in the secure bike storage area for the academic year. More information will be emailed to these students in July and sign-up will happen through the Housing Portal.

Please note that Hapner residents only have access to rent a ski locker as there is not secure bike storage in Hapner Hall.

Microfridge Rentals

MSU is currently working on a MicroFridge plan/contract and will have more information at the beginning of the summer.