Marquayvion Hughes
Marquayvion Hughes, President

It is with utmost honor, respect, and joy that I welcome all residents to the residence halls at Montana State University. I am Marquayvion L. Hughes and I will be serving as your Residence Hall Association President. I am currently in my third year at MSU, majoring in Political Science and Anthropology. The residence halls hold a special place in my heart; I knew from the moment I was elected senator of Yellowstone Hall in 2019 that I had immersed myself in a community that was rich with life and full of history. Montana State University is more than a university, it's a community that encourages inclusivity and fostering strong relationships for a better future.

RHA has given me so many important skills that I use every day, from problem-solving and planning budgets to making balloon arches and designing t-shirts. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) has inspired as well as taught me to inspire community building in others. RHA promotes everyday leaders and many of these everyday leaders go on to lead some big-name organizations on campus. I have always been an outgoing person but with the leadership of RHA I have found things that I truly love to do, whether that be going to the library for a late-night study session, exploring the downtown Bozeman coffee shop scene, rock climbing with my floormates, or just chilling in common areas and meeting new people. RHA has inspired growth in me that I never though possible. I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zones in the residence halls.

Lastly, building and furthering communities is not just about adding people to the community - it is about those people bringing parts of their culture with them so everyone can learn and grow. With the position I have been elected to, I have a chance to really broaden the community, however I cannot do do that without the help of others. So, I would like to extend a formal invitation to get in contact with me whether that be through your hall senator, your RA, or reaching out to me directly at [email protected]

I hope you come to love your time at MSU and always remember: Once a Bobcat, Always a Bobcat!


Marquayvion Hughes

RHA President, 2021-2022